Austin – Practicum Week 4

It feels like just a matter of weeks ago that I walked into orientation and Lisa suggested I sit beside Connor and Zach to get to know some of my soon-to-be classmates. One of the first things Connor told me was that he was from Brazil. My dumb ass was too nervous and quiet to call him out on his blatant lie, and I don’t think I’ll ever forget feeling like a complete tool when I seemingly believed him. It still doesn’t feel real that our time at SAIT has completely come to a close. That said, let’s get right into this blog post thing, “shall we?”

It was another laid back week for myself. Adam was back on his normal schedule (9 am- 6 pm ish) and I made sure to reach out to him every morning. Of course, Monday and Tuesday’s are his days off and so I really only kicked things into gear on Wednesday. He was once again covering the COVID-19 outbreak at the Cargill meat packing plant in Highriver. I did some research into the story in hopes of finding information to pass along to Adam, but there wasn’t much out there that hasn’t already been reported by Global.

As we did each week, Adam and I had a long chat over Skype on Thursday. I asked him some final question about how he feels this pandemic will change the industry and shape the future of broadcasting. I was also curious to find out what he learned about himself. Unfortunately, I ran into some technical troubles with the VPN and Premiere Pro so I was unable to post a video update. We then talked about a job interview for a position in Fort St. John that I had lined up for the following day.

For the rest of the week, I was more so focused on the potential job opportunity in Fort St. John at CJDC TV. I still texted Adam in the morning to check in and see if I could help out at all, but I was putting a lot more energy into preparing for the interview. It was conducted over the phone and I thought it went well. The news director at the station, Randi-Marie Adams, was easy to talk to and really sold me on the fact that I would have the opportunity to do a bit of everything at the station. She offered me the position, but I didn’t know enough to lock it in right then and there. I told her I would get back to her within 24 hours.

Again, I texted Adam in the morning, but he was working on a story that he didn’t need any assistance with at all. I then, once again, tunred my focus to the gig with Bell Media. I called Randi-Marie at around 11:30 am and accepted her offer. I am super excited to move to Northern B.C. considering I don’t know anyone there and I’m not at all familiar with the region. I think it will be a great first job and I know that I am going to fit in nicely. Putting my skills to the test is something that I have been looking forward to for such a long time.

Well, this wasn’t much of a “practicum blog”, I suppose it’s more of a “goodbye” blog post. My time at SAIT changed my life for the better and I was able to meet some of the most wonderful people.

Thank you.

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