CityTV Calgary News Practicum Week #4

Day #1

We started the day with editorial meetings, I suggested two story ideas namely, the annual city-wide street clean up during a lock down and a follow up on the Canadian governments CERB program for students.

Later in the day I went through a vetting process of my footages and scripts for the ethnic grocery demand story. The producer asked me to reshoot my on-camera footages before editing the pack.

 Rest of the day was used to pull news items on inception.

Day #2

After the usual morning briefings, I went out to shoot my on Camera and started editing the pack. Finished and sent the pack to the producer for review.  

Worked on inception as usual.

Day #3

I attended morning editorial briefing. Afterwards I asked to prepare to be interviewed for a story on the CERB program for students.

The rest of the afternoon was for pulling stories from Inception.

Day #4

Outside of the editorial meeting nothing much happened on this day. I was winding up the practicum. Supervising producer reviewed my pack and said it was good to go.

Day #5 Last day of practicum. Said my goodbyes nothing much


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