Capstone 2019: Where’s Ryan Shtuka?

Hello, welcome back to our capstone blog. If this is your first time here, we are three students doing a project on Ryan Shtuka’s disappearance. We have decided to split our project into three parts and one of them is this blog which we will be trying to post on weekly for the next couple months to spread awareness and hopefully aid in getting one step closer to finding Ryan. 

In our first post, we spoke about Ryan’s case and his initial disappearance. This week we are going to speak a little bit about the different theories of what may have happened to him. We are in no way trying to make assumptions or speculate on what may have happened, but simply state the possibilities in hopes that someone may read this and spark some sort of information to help with Ryan’s case. 

We are going to try and do this in chronological order from the day of Ryan’s disappearance to the days and months after he was missing.  

The night of Ryan’s disappearance he attended a party at a house in Sun Peaks with his roommates and other coworkers from the mountain. It was stated by his roommates that when they were leaving the party, they saw Ryan put on his coat and shoes but when they were on their way back home, they turned around and Ryan wasn’t following them. The roommates stated they simply figured he decided to stay behind at the party, and it didn’t sound any alarms for them. According to Kamloops RCMP their statements are all basically identical and their stories have remained the same up until now.  

It was stated by roommates and friends of the party that drugs were circulating that night and Heather knew Ryan would partake in smoking cannabis but was not aware of any other drugs he had or could have taken that night. No one from the party has come forward saying they saw Ryan take anything, but if that is a possibility, something may have happened with the other people involved and they manage to somehow cover up the incident to this day. 

If Ryan had decided to stay behind, he may have left later in the night, but due to the cold temperatures, that night and over the next two days RCMP said there was no way he could have survived out for a long period of time in those conditions. 

The search went on over the next 24 hours, they searched the mountain and surrounding areas but there was still no sign of him. 

 Another theory surrounding his disappearance is an animal attack. There are many animals native to Sun Peaks, including black bears, cougars and wolves which are all known to be vicious at times. Unfortunately, no solid signs point to this theory as no clothing left behind or trace of footprints were discovered. 

Now as we mentioned in our last blog, a CBC reporter named Shelley Joyce posted an article and a podcast about Ryans disappearance, the podcast included a short clip from a man named Jim Reid. Reid was allegedly living or staying on Fairways Drive in Sunpeaks. The house party Ryan was at was on Burfield drive and Ryan was living on Sunpeaks road. According to the RCMP, Reid’s location was about a 20-minute walk in the opposite direction that Ryan would have been going to get home. However, in Joyce’s podcast, Reid stated that the night Ryan disappeared he heard a man who seemed to be angry outside his home yelling “Get in the car!” but there was no way that Ryan would have been walking in that area the night he disappeared. Although the description matched Ryan, The RCMP were not able to confirm the sighting.

 After contacting Heather and seeing a flood of other comments on our first blog saying no one had ever heard from a Jim Reid, we decided to try and speak with him ourselves. We got in touch with every Jim Reid in Sun Peaks and the surrounding area and eventually found him. He denied to further comment on what he heard that night.  

If what Reid heard was, in fact, a man yelling at Ryan, the theory is that whoever was yelling could have taken Ryan to who knows where. Unfortunately, there is no proof that this could have happened as no one has come forward and not even Reid saw the persons face. 

These are all the speculations from the night of Ryan’s disappearance, of course, we have heard some crazier theories such as an alien abduction or human trafficking, but for the purpose of keeping the blog as credible as possible, we decided not to include theories of that nature. 

Our plan for this week is to hopefully get in contact with the Kamloops RCMP and conduct an interview which we hope to attach to the next blog post so we can get a better sense of Ryan’s case and the work the RCMP has conducted up until now.  

We also want to say thank you so much for all the support on our last post and we hope to continue to shed light on Ryan and his case. 

-Andrea Ferrari, Storrm Lennie, Reya Lehoux.


Canadian inventors and inventions: Being aware of John Ware

Many of us on SAIT’s campus, go to the Four Nines for lunch in the John Ware building. But not many people know it’s called the “Four Nines” because of John Wares cattle brand which was “9999” aka, the Four Nines! He also has other places named after him including Mount Ware, Ware Creek, and John Ware Ridge.

Born on into slavery in South Carolina John Ware, moved in 1882 to Calgary Alberta to start a new life as a Cattle Rancher and later become a huge figure in Canada’s Black History.

Ware made many milestones not only as a black man living in a harshly racist era and in a white ranchers community, but he was also one of the first ranchers in the area to develop irrigation systems. He was also known for his strength, his steer wrestling ability and his bravery.

Ware had six childern and it’s believe that Mackay Cabin that’s at Heritage Park, was possibly owned or rented by Ware’s in-laws as well as where one of his childern was born.

Many people are still unware of Mr. Ware and there’s still much of his live that widely unknown. Ware died tragically in September 1905 when his horse tripped and fell, but to this day his legacy lives on.

There are many Black Canadians that’re haven’t been talked about nor do we learn much about them in school, but February is Black History Month and Canada is home to many inventions and inventors including Elijah J. McCoy who is another person who played a big role for Canadian Black History.

McCoy was an invetor and engineer who is known for his invetions that are still used today such as the ironing board, lawn sprinkler and “The Real McCoy” which is a self lubricating cup used for steam engined trains.

Next Kyle Hutton will be going into more detail on McCoy and other famous Canadian invetors and invetions!

-Vanessa Arrate

Canadian inventors and inventions: Food

Canada has an essential list of inventions and inventors who produced a large number of significant discoveries that revolutionized the way we live today. Among all of the beneficial designs, I am going to target one specific category – the one with the most flavour – that is vital to the human body, FOOD! You can probably think of a couple right off the bat and if you’re stumped, let me refresh your memory while shedding some light on some of the Canadian food ideas you might not have been aware of.
Let’s begin with one of the most popular – if not the most popular – food invention discovered in Canada, the poutine. The original poutine came out of rural Quebec in the late1950s and consists of three core ingredients; fries, cheese curds, and gravy. Throughout the year’s poutine has gone through a series of makeovers, and replacing some of the core ingredients has become more popular among Canadians. Although, not one person has been defined as the solidified poutine inventor. However, there have been a few names thrown into the conversation. The most widespread story is that poutine originates from a restaurant in Warwick, formerly called Le Lutin qui rit. In 1957, a customer named Eddy Lainesse would have asked the owner Fernand Lachance to mix up the fries with cheese curds and gravy!

Another food invention discovered in Canada comes from Nanaimo, British Columbia. The Nanaimo Bar has a layer of coconut and graham crust on the bottom, a layer of soft, yellow custard in the middle, and on top is a layer of chocolate ganache. The first known recipe of the Nanaimo Bar emerged in the 1952 edition of the Women’s Auxiliary Nanaimo Hospital Cookbook, labelled as a chocolate square. One year later, a comparable recipe was published in the Edit Adam’s cookbook, and it would be the first time the chocolate bar would appear with the name we call it today, the Nanaimo Bar.

Let’s go back to the eastern part of Canada where another famous food invention was produced. In 1884, Marcellus Gilmore Edson of Montreal, Quebec patented peanut paste, the final product resulting from milling roasted peanuts between two heated surfaces. In 1895, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg patented a process for creating peanut butter from raw peanuts. Therefore, contrary to popular belief, George Washington Carver was not the inventor of peanut butter. However, Carver was one of the first pioneers to work on peanut butter and discovered over 300 ways to use peanuts including shampoo, chili sauce and glue.

That wraps it up for the first part of the Canadian inventors and inventions: Food article.
In the next post, Vanessa will dive into the life of John Ware, a heroic man who made his mark right here at SAIT.


-Itiel Monroy

Capstone 2019: What happened to Ryan Shtuka?

Hello, welcome to our capstone blog. We are three girls apart of the Broadcast news program at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in our final semester. For our final project, we have decided to create a documentary following the disappearance of 20-year-old Ryan Shtuka. There will be 3 separate elements in this project in order to cover everything and reach out to the largest audience possible. The first element will, of course, be this blog which will be updated by one or more group members each week in order to follow our progress with the project, as well as post any updates on the case. There will also be a video element and a podcast that will be posted in a month or so.  

For this first blog post, we decided to talk a little bit about ourselves and outline the story of Ryan Shtuka for those who are unfamiliar with the case. So first here a little bit about us… 

Hello, my name is Andrea Ferrari I am a second-year broadcast news student at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. I am 22 years old and grew up in Vancouver, B.C. Growing up I was always into crime shows and very intrigued by people disappearing and never being found. Something about the mystery of it all was always very fascinating to me. I am looking forward to being a part of this project and shedding more light into the disappearance of this young man. 

My name is Reya Lehoux; I was born and raised in a small mountain town called Hinton, Alberta, which is just outside Jasper National Park. I moved to Calgary in 2017 to pursue my passion for investigative crime reporting.  I am nineteen-years-old, finishing my Broadcast News degree in the spring, both thrilling yet terrifying. The opportunity to investigate and use my skills to potentially find closure for the Shtuka family is a privilege. The story of Ryan truly hits home for me, mostly due to our age. I feel a connection to his life. The awareness this documentary may create and bring means a possibility of being closer to finding peace and closure. 

Hi! I’m Storrm Lennie, I’m the third Broadcast News student who will be working on this project. I was raised in Red Deer Alberta, I moved to Calgary to pursue my dream of being a reporter. Right now, I am about to wrap up my last year at SAIT. I feel personally attached to this topic, I grew up in a city not far from where Ryan did and I’m also the same age as him. I know that if something like this happened in my community, we would all be affected, and I hope to help his family find closure in any way I can. This is my last project as a SAIT student and my chance to apply all the skills I’ve learnt over the last two years towards one last story.  The opportunity to work and investigate this case is one I won’t take for granted, I plan on giving this project 100% to help the Shtuka family in any way I can. 

Ryan’s Story… 

20-year-old Ryan Shtuka was born and raised in Beaumont, Alberta and always had a love for snowboarding. In December of 2017 Ryan and one of his childhood friends moved to their favourite mountain, Sun Peaks to spend the winter working and snowboarding on the hill. Heather Shtuka, Ryan’s mother said he was always happy in this mountain town and gave no indication he was in trouble. 

On Friday, February 16th, 2018 Ryan attended work as usual.  After work, he and his roommates went out and ended up at a house on Burfield Drive, only minutes away from their home.  Drugs were circling the party, and it is believed that Ryan possibly partook in this activity.   

Late in the evening two of Ryan’s roommates, including his friend from Beaumont, grew tired and left the party to walk home.  He stayed behind with his other two roommates, a boyfriend and a girlfriend. Eventually, the couple decided to leave too. According to them, they saw him stand up to leave just as they walked out the door.

This was around 2 a.m. on Saturday, February 17th, 2018 and it was the last time anyone saw or heard from Ryan.  

At about 11 a.m the next morning, his roommates received a text from one of Ryan’s coworkers asking if Ryan was with them. When they got the message they replied that he wasn’t’ and asked if he had shown up for work. At around 7:30p.m his co-worker replied and said that Ryan hadn’t been seen all day. Shortly after his friends called the RCMP and reported him missing. He also hadn’t used his cellphone or been active on social media since he was last seen leaving the house party.

Kamloops RCMP arrived on the scene at and began to search at about 9:30 am on February 18th 2018. They completed the search at about 7:00 pm.m that evening.  It was minus 14 degrees the night RCMP started their search and by 5:30 the next morning the area had gotten nearly 5 more inches of snow and was around minus 22 degrees.  

So far there have been three formal searches with RCMP and Kamloops Search and Rescue. The searches included canine units, drones, helicopters, infrared cameras, snowmobiles and upwards of 70 volunteers. However, this doesn’t account for the countless search parties conducted by Ryan’s family and friends. Every day after his disappearance there was a search party with 15-20 people out searching for Ryan. This continued until June 16th 2018 and then it switched to every other weekend.

A podcast by a CBC reporter said that a local in the area, named Jim Reid, lived near where Ryan would’ve been walking home. According to the podcast,  he called in and reported that the night of his disappearance he heard someone yelling “get in the car!” at around 2:30 in the morning.  She believes there is a big possibility it could be related to Ryans disappearance, but the Shtuka family says they’ve never heard of him or his statement until the podcast came out and there was zero follow up on his allegations.

We will be investigating this Jim Reid and his connection to the case.

Nearly a year later and there has still been no trace of Ryan or his whereabouts. Through this blog, we are hoping to shine a light on who Ryan was and do our part in helping his family receive the closure they deserve.