Week 2 at CJOC

My second week at CJOC in Lethbridge was fantastic.

I had a wide variety of stories to cover. Monday I was in court, on the April Irving case. That went well, and I learned a lot more about court reporting. Throughout the rest of the week they kept me very busy but not in a bad way.

Tuesday I got to drive to Taber for a police conference regarding the bomb threats. That was a cool opportunity to go to another town for a story and to make connections there. I wrote the stories and casts when I got back and it was a great day.

Wednesday my inner hockey nerd got excited when I went to a Lethbridge Hurricanes story about their playoff arena situation. Later that day I did a story about public skating on the lakes, so ice was really a theme for me that day. I had a great time doing it.

Thursday was a relatively relaxed day, I went to a meeting about the Library’s 100th anniversary and all the events it will be throwing all this year, and Friday was another quick day in court.

Throughout the week, I have been recording lots of news casts to improve my read and am starting on-air as well. This has been a fantastic practicum thus far and I am very happy with how it has gone. The staff have been so great to me and I have never felt like just an intern being told what to do all of the time. I feel like they trust me a lot and I am having a blast.

-Christian Oldale


Week 2 in Red Deer

Hey guys! Wow, it has been a busy, busy week 2 as the Canada Winter Games have started! We’ve been able to go to everything from hockey to wheelchair basketball, and the atmosphere has been insane. The games live have been one of the most amazing things I’ve ever taken in…. Somehow during this busy week Steve and I got a chance to sit down again and give our thoughts on the games, give it a listen below!

Week 2 Podcast




Kyle’s second week at CITY TV

Wow what a week. It’s been crazy busy but also super fun. On Monday I was helping shoot the story about the bunny rescue, so much cute B-Roll all the little baby bunnies, but when we got there the mother rabbit started spotting blood because it recently had surgery for a prolapsed uterus (eek) and had to get taken to the vet so our interview was cut short, but we still got the story. Then I helped Jon Muma the national reporter do his story on the topless winter running and it was a great time, he’s pretty brave to run around topless in -20 on camera I must say.

The next day I helped shoot another story for Jon about the snow angel in a wheel chair. This really awesome guy Dan Wilkinson only has one leg and managed to rig up his wheelchair to support a snow blower. He goes around and cleans up the sidewalks around the block, he was super genuine and very humble about it. The story got a lot of attention too. Then later I helped Crystal do a story on vaping which was awesome, I’ve worked at a vape shop for before and I had tons of background knowledge to help crystal get a good story out of it. She is a smoker and doesn’t vape so she really didn’t know a lot about it, so it worked out well.

Then later that day I did casting on Calgary Esport League, that was a really exciting and awesome opportunity, mainly did color but tried out some play by play on the games I knew well. Was definitely a leg up in my career for sure.

On Wednesday I was with Jon again helping with his story about people who have dealt with love scams. Getting stiffed with the bill on a date, or someone taking your money and running. So I helped with some streeters. After I hung out at the station and learned some editing techniques and how to use their programs better. Throughout the week I was also pitching stories and helping the web guys with ideas as well.

Thursday was exciting, Whitney said my shooting has been really good so they sent to cover a scrum with the Councillors in response to Chu’s comments about addiction. Unfortunately they had cancelled that meeting so I had to turn around a get back to the station but then they sent to get footage at the zoo of the Valentines day celebrations. So that was amazing, so many happy primates. I got there late so I didn’t get all the animals but I got an overload of Gorilla footage. Then I went along Stephen Ave to do location scouting for the live stand up. I was checking out all the glow fest stuff it was actually pretty cool.

Then Friday was a bit of a easy day, I was helping Kristen to a story about Aboriginal people being neglected by cit transit. We spoke to a Native gentleman who called a help button to report a unconscious women on the C-Train but their first response was “is she aboriginal?” needless to say he was very offended and gave them a piece of his mind. We shot the interview while riding the C-Train with the guy and used Iphones and these fancy gadgets called an Osmo, a Gyroscope, self balancing cell phone filming device, to get the story and it looked pretty cool.

Then Saturday was a the big NHL 19 tournament hosted by CEL and the Calgary Flames, that was awesome, Ryan and Chris did a get job with commentary. Just one more unique thing to add to my resume. I was only a Ref  and it was a loooong 10 hour shift but at least I finally got paid for something.


-Kyle Hutton

Week 1 in Red Deer

Wow…what a first week, Red Deer has been awesome! I’ve been able to get my feet wet and have been writing a bunch for RDNewsNOW.com and even going out and reporting (more so helping but still fun…) and just making connections! Steve and I had a chance to sit down and reflect on our first week in Red Deer, you can give it a listen right here!


With the Canada Winter Games starting soon, we’re both super exited for everything coming up!

-Jordan Bay

My First Week at CJOC

So my first week at CJOC was a slow burn to start, but I did learn a lot.

My first week at CJOC in Lethbridge started out with just getting used to how they run Newsroom at the station, which is a slightly different way than at SAIT. I got used to the wires and casts and then followed Brian to a story about electric car charging stations. I got audio from the conference and wrote my own pack on day one.

Day two, I went to court shadowing another reporter and sat in on a hearing regarding how to classify a sex offender (lovely stuff) and sentencing for a certain case. I then came back and recorded my first casts.

Day three was a tough one, I sat in court from 10am until 4 on a statutory rape case and heard witness statements. It was my first real heavy day reporting in my life, but I got the scripts written.

Thursday was more court, but only listening to the progress of other cases. All of them ended in adjournment or fines so not too exciting there. Later in the day I did get to go a conference on a new monument in Lethbridge and filed another pack for air, it was my best story yet.

And lastly on Friday, you guessed it folks, more court. I was there for 40 minutes then wrote two scripts before going home. Great first week overall and having only a 4 person news team helps a lot.

-Christian Oldale