Practicum-and-gone (tales from week 4)


So I’ll keep this short and sweet.

Start of the week was very meh. I did some VO-SOT’s, and more web stuff, which was cool I guess.

Thursday I had a story come across my desk about some construction dude who found a GoPro:


And Global Calgary and BC1 (Vancouver) aired it, which was super tight.

Then on Friday, I did the follow-up (, cleaned out my desk, and drank some beer.

It was great!

Now I’m all done at SAIT!



Week 2wo blog – except I chose to write this one

Okay, so to be honest I’m writing this after week 3 because I forgot to do my week two blog after week two, but (not surprisingly) I don’t really care, and I feel like if you’re reading this you don’t either.

Week two was interesting!  It was one where I fell aggressively out of love with the day-to-day of a reporter.  Pretty much nothing I did this week was terribly fun, or interesting, but at least the days went by really slowly and I was very lonely almost constantly when I wasn’t at the station – so that was… fine.

I did some more web stories, and I did a very disinteresting pack about some kids giving some money to a place with some other kids.

Actually, I’ll talk about that a bit.

Doing the super “feel good” stories are so damn hard to write.  But for the love of all that is newsworthy, it’s a good thing to learn how to write because on slow news days, when the intern can get his hands dirty, you have to make news sometimes.  Not to spoil my week three blog, but I have been to a hiking trail for some dumb thing at least three times until now. So… yeah.

Also this week, I went to a slaughter house about an hour and a half away from the station which made the days go by faster.  We went because some crazy lady complained about a cow’s leg (this is deep in cattle ranching country) on her property and she suspected it came from the abattoir we went to.  So we figured we’d go check it out. After some research, we figured out the slaughterhouse had a very checkered past and had been shut down several times for bad practices. Suddenly, things started to pick up in the story.

So we managed to crank out a very interesting pack (that wasn’t mine) in the short amount of time we had once we got back to the station.

The next day, we decided this was going to be like a four part feature story which was cool to be a part of.

I got to shoot an entire in-depth tour of the slaughterhouse. Happy stuff!

As the week went on I did get to do some other stuff which was fine, none of which is worth talking about or any body reading, as indicated by the views on my stories.

To sum up, things are going fine, but this isn’t for me and I just want to come back and start whatever the next phase of my life is going to be, or at least I think so.


Week 3 blog Global Calgary Tanner.

I honestly can’t believe week 3 is over and I only have 1 week left. The experience here at Global has been really fun and the people have been nothing but friendly. To be honest I didn’t expect the amount of friendliness and connection everyone shows in the newsroom here. It reminds me a bit of our class with how well focused and connected everyone is. Week three honestly was one to remember. There was a slump between Wednesday and Friday evening where I didn’t get to do much, but everything else I got to do made up for that slump. I was working 4-midnight and day one I got to go down with Michael King to Olympic Plaza to see how everyone was enjoying the viewing party that was being held there for the Flames game. We got to watch a decent amount of the game and gathered interviews between periods for a live he was going to do at 11. The Flames lost bad, but it was still fun to be in the atmosphere and talk to people who were having fun…. until the flames bombed then it was a bit harder to get happy people after that. Tuesday was election day which was something every reporter or “newsy” should experience before they get into industry. It wasn’t a disaster as they sort of made it out to be. Everything went really smooth in my opinion and I didn’t really get to help out much, but it was a great experience. Wednesday and Thursday were a bust just to be honest. I was put on nights in order to be able to do sports stuff, but Cami was on nights as a reporter and Moses and Lisa were in Colorado so, unfortunately no sports stuff for me, until Friday. Global honestly hooked me up with an experience I have been waiting for since I got into RTBN. I was lucky enough to go down to the dome for game 5 of the playoffs where after the game I got to gather all the post-game interviews of some very disappointed Flames players for the show at 11. I got to speak with Jermain Franklin who I kind of look up to. He is a hilarious guy who knows how to do his job almost perfectly in my opinion and being two big dudes we definitely made our presence known. This week had more to learn than any other and I was happy with what I got to do. It’s a bit bitter sweet to be leaving next week, but I will remember my time here forever.

CKPG Week 3

I look like someone trying to sell you a house

PRINCE GEORGE— I can’t believe I’m already done 3 weeks at CKPG! It has flown by, but upon further reflection it feels like I’ve been there longer considering how much I’ve learned.

Monday was (what is now) a basic work day for me. I wrote some web stories and did a couple of radio casts. I feel like I was never a slow writer, but now I’m almost robotic and can get web stories done like I’m a machine (but with a brain).

Tuesday was more or less the same as Monday, but I did three phone interviews to make some of my web stories a bit more juicy. Quotes add a lot more depth and credibility to the stories.

Wednesday was quite busy. Premier John Horgan was around town so we followed him around. First, I went with a reporter and camera guy to Quesnel, which is just over an hour away from Prince George. It’s very cute there. Horgan was at the local hospital to announce a $27 million hospital expansion. I did a Facebook live for the event. It was also interesting to be able to see Horgan the morning after the Alberta election. We got some generic clips of him reacting to the results. The reporter I went with, Cheryl, also interviewed some people around and managed to get interviews for two additional packs which will air next week. She’s very good at thinking ahead.

When I got back I wrote a web story. Shortly after, I had a high school student job shadow me. It was funny being able to explain to her how web writing and social media works, since I had been on the job for less than three weeks. She was a JOY! She was very bright and asked great questions. I took a lot longer writing web stories since she was with me and I was explaining everything I was doing, but having so much to teach her was kind of proof I now know what I’m doing.

On Thursday I had a couple of on-camera interviews for a pack that will be airing on Monday. It should be interesting. B.C. schools are now implementing financial literacy into the curriculum. I love education and I love business so it’s nice the story combines multiple things I’m interested in. I only did about three or four web stories since I was busy out getting interviews and also went to a charity event hosted by the Jim Pattison Broadcast Group. I got my headshot taken which will be on the CKPG website when my bio is posted. I really hope my fake smile improves over time, but at least for now I’m improving in more important areas, like my writing.

I had Friday off and went to Costco for lunch. I’m really looking forward to next week, which I guess is technically my last week of my “paid practicum”. After one more week of working I will have all of my credentials for my Broadcast News diploma and my Communications undergrad! I WON’T BE A STUDENT AFTER BEING ONE FOR 18 YEARS!

I have a few solid pack ideas and now feel confident in putting a pack together in a day while also fulfilling my duties as the online journalist. Not to brag, but I pride myself in being the queen of multi-tasking. PLUS now I’ve gotten into the habit of getting more than three hours of sleep a night so I have so much energy throughout the day.


Mandy Vocke

Week 2 Blog Global Calgary Tanner Strauss

Week 2 was honestly not as exciting as week 1, but I still had a lot of fun. I started off the week by chasing a story about the new parkade at the foothills hospital and was actually able to set up the interview where I gathered clips for a VO which I got to write and that aired at 5 and 6. On day 2 I spent the day with Lauren Pullen where I helped her gather some streeters for a live pack she did at 5 and 6 which I hung out for. They also let me do a look live for my demo which was nice of them. The rest of the week was pretty bland I tried chasing an airline story that just never worked out, but I did get to work on editing my look live with help from an editor here named Brent. Thursday I just went to a Khan presser and helped out around the news room. Friday was the same just minus Khan. Even though I didn’t do too much I still learned a lot.