Calgary Housing leaves local woman without heat for three days

Woman freezing

Karla Morton, a Calgary Housing Company tenant, was left to fend for herself in -29 degrees weather by the CHC after her heat went out on Friday afternoon.

The CHC sent a furnace repairman that day who informed Morton that he was unable to fix the problem till after the weekend do to a possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning and that she would have to make do till then.

“I could see my own breath…”

To help, CHC sent Morton 2 small space heaters to warm her 3-bedroom townhouse and told her to turn on and open her oven if that didn’t help. Morton was left shivering underneath a mountain of blankets and was unable to sleep over the weekend due to the cold.

“I could see my breath,” said Morton. “It’s freezing cold and I don’t really have anywhere else to go.”

According to Alberta Health and Safety codes for Affordable housing, the furnace must be able to maintain a minimum temperature of 16 degrees in the winter, and ovens and space heaters are not to be used as primary sources of heat.

Morton’s furnace was finally fixed on Monday night, but the damage had already been done.


-Sean Marks


Three men injured after pellet plant explosion in Edmonton


Three employees from the Pinnacle plant in Entwistle were taken to the hospital with head wounds and other injuries after an explosion on Monday. Several emergency vehicles arrived on the scene, and the men had to be airlifted from the scene and taken to Edmonton. Only one of the employees was conscious and breathing upon their departure.

“About 40 members of Parkland County fire services were on the scene”

The County was also assisted by the Yellowhead County firefighters.

Fire Chief Brian Cornforth said there was no immediate indication of what caused the explosion.

-Aimee Michaelis

Calgary makeup artist wins 2 awards in Los Angeles


A Calgary makeup artist won 2 awards for her special effects looks at the International Makeup Trade Show in Los Angeles. Victoria McNair used her her father as her model to create a ventriloquist dummy look for one of the categories “misfits”. They placed second in that competition.

“I almost felt like an underdog. It’s so exciting to be able to represent Calgary and to show what talent we have here in Calgary.”

As a graduate of Calgary’s One Beauty Academy, McNair hopes to bring more recognition to Calgary and is proud to represent her city on an international level. She was asked about her experience at the competition.

“It was surreal. It was so crazy just being in LA in the hub of all the makeup effects. It was just something else. I couldn’t even imagine,” says McNair. “I almost felt like an underdog. It’s so exciting to be able to represent Calgary and to show what talent we have here in Calgary.”

With McNair’s success in the competition, Calgary Economic Development is still hoping to attract film producers to the city so that they can provide jobs and give attention to other Calgary talent.

Mackenna Jamieson

Calgary parents of young son’s death have sentencing hearing

Jennifer and Jeromie Clark, parents of their now passed son John have had a sentencing hearing in their 14-month-old son’s passing. The Calgary couple were found guilty last fall in the death of their son John in 2013. The two were found guilty of failing to provide the necessaries of life and criminal negligence.

“I feel such a deep sorrow and loss” – Jennifer Clark

At the time of young John’s death, the pathology report said he was malnourished, and ultimately died from a staph infection. The boy died in in hospital after being admitted by his parents when a family member insisted he went.

When Jennifer Clark was asked about her son’s death she said “I feel such a deep sorrow and loss” after the first sentencing hearing. Both Jennifer and Jeromie have not acknowledged the fact that they could have prevented Johns death. The sentencing hearing will continue on February 22nd after a pre-sentence report is ordered.

Erika Rolling

Indigenous pro-oil rally highlights community needs

Pump jack at sunset sky background. Extraction of oil. Petroleum concept.

On Sunday, a rally in Lac La Biche was held by the Region One Aboriginal Business Association in support of Canada’s oil and gas industry.  Other recent pro-oil rallies have also been organized by this group in Western Canada, who represent Indigenous businesses in northern Alberta.

Performances were held to begin the event, including Indigenous drummers, singers and dancers.

“We’re all in this together.”

The oil and gas sector helps keep people from becoming burdens on the social-welfare and justice systems, according to Rene Houle of the Whitefish Lake First Nation, adding that he believes the energy industry generates hundreds of jobs for his community through spinoff businesses.

Lee Thom, a councillor from the Kikino Metis Settlement, says “It doesn’t matter if you’re a business owner or a worker or an aboriginal community. We’re all in this together”.

Organizers stress that the rally was not affiliated with “yellow vest” protesters, a protest movement that has been known to carry an anti-United Nations message.  Instead, attendees were asked to dawn blue fire-retardant coveralls and hard hats.

Eloise Therien

Nenshi postpones strategic Council meeting for the second time

A Council strategic working together session has been has been cancelled by Mayor Naheed Nenshi, because several Councillors will be unavailable. This is the second time in a row this important session is being put off, casting serious doubts in the mind of some Councillors like Ward 11 Councillor Jeromy Farkas.

“I’ll always err on the side of saying you know we can always improve, I’m definitely in support of that,”

Speaking after news of the cancellation broke, a disappointed Farkas said, “I’ll always err on the side of saying you know we can always improve, I’m definitely in support of that,” Farkas is one of the few dissenting voices in Council.

On his part Ward 4 Councillor Sean Chu wasn’t bothered and feels the meeting is a waste of time, even though he had intended to attend.

Chimezie Uguru (Show #02)

Pilots license is needed to operate drones


New laws over drone usage has come into effect in Canada. The main law that has been brought up by many is the fact that drone users have to obtain a pilots license for drones weighing over 250 grams.

The license is called a Special Flight Operations Certificate and is an online test available for people ages 14 and up.

“These regulations are very welcome and I think Transport Canada and the advisory committee did a very good job of it.”

Aviation advisor David Curry worked with Transport Canada creating the rules for the new drone laws saying ” We didn’t really have any regulations before. All we had were advisory notices, staff instructions and this dreaded thing called an SFOC. These regulations are very welcome and I think Transport Canada and the advisory committee did a very good job of it.”

The rules were put into effect in June of 2018 and have changed drone operation in Canada fundamentally.

Mackenna Jamieson