Olympic countdown resumes for the 2021 Games

2020 Olympics - Next Summer Olympic Games | Tokyo 2020
Courtesy Olympic.org

Its been a rocky road so far for Tokyo Olympic Games, after a one year postponement due to the novel coronavirus. But things are looking up for athletes and fans alike, as Game officials have announced the new dates for the summer games. The games will now run from July 23rd to August 8th, 2021.

The new dates are over a year away, and give new hope to many. The countdown to the games can now be unpaused as these new dates end the uncertainty for athletes and coaches around the world.

Sydney Chisholm

Giannis Antetokounmpo hosted a Q & A last night.

Giannis Antetokounmpo after dunking over Raptors power forward Pascal Siakam.

Milwaukee Bucks 7 foot behemoth, Giannis Antetokounmpo or ‘The Greek Freak’ was chatting with viewers on Instagram live. The star was hosting the Q&A at his home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

A baited question was asked from no other than the superstar of his own Canadian artist Drake.

“Definitely not you drake”…

The Greek Freak was asked by the platinum artist “who is the most annoying fan to play in front of?” To which Giannis quickly replied with a chuckle “definitely not you Drake”.

Later after discussion with his girlfriend who was also there alongside him during the stream, they pondered for a moment when they agreed Toronto Raptors ‘Super Fan’ Nav Bhatia was the culprit. Bhatia was recently inducted in the the NBA hall of fame for never missing a single Raptors game since the franchises birth.

This of course was all in good fun as Drake and Giannis have been friends for a while. Their ‘good-natured trolling’ has a long-standing history. Going all the way back to the Raptors Championship run last playoffs where Drake’s court side antics helped lead Giannis to fouling out.

~Daniel Siemens
SAIT Newsfile

Mercedes F1 develops breathing device for COVID-19 patients

Credit- James Tye/UCL

A breathing aid has been developed for COVID-19 patients, that does not require an invasive procedure, like a ventilator. Engineers from University College London and Mercedes Formula One sat down and created the device in less than 100 hours. This device is claimed to be an improvement on the already existing continuous positive airway pressure device.

“These devices will help to save lives”

CPAP machines are used regularly in hospitals to support patients with breathing difficulties onwards or at home, but the equipment is in short supply. Professor Mervyn Singer, a UCLH critical care consultant says, “These devices will help to save lives by ensuring that ventilators, a limited resource, are used only for the most severely ill.”

The device has already been approved by the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency.

-Hayley Shirkey

UFC heavyweight champion pleads guilty to driving under the influence

UFC champion Jon Jones has pleaded guilty in new mexico for his second offence of driving under the influence. Jones was sentenced to one year of supervised probation, he must complete a minimum of 90 days of out patient alcohol addiction treatment, pay maximum fines and fees and complete a sentence of community service.

The 35 year old was also charged for possession of an open container, no proof of insurance and negligent use of a deadly weapon, however as part of a plea agreement these charges were dropped.

“I have some personal work to do”

Jones released a statement making an apology to family member. friends and fans. In this statement he said “I accept full responsibility for my actions and I know that I have some personal work to do which involves the unhealthy relationship I have with alcohol.”

written by Amy-Ellen Prentice

Hungary parliament to give government extraordinary power amid COVID-19 pandemic

On Monday, Hungary’s Parliament passed a bill which gave Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s government extraordinary powers during this COVID-19 Pandemic. The bill has no end date to when this power can be taken away.

“Who can say how many months of struggle we have to prepare for.”

This bill was approved by Orban’s party and other government supporters with 137 votes in favor of the bill and 53 against it. For the bill to be approved it needed 133 to pass.

The legislation has been criticized by many parties and people for not including a expiration date for the governments power. The bill also includes measures for false information which has made people concerned that the government can use this to quiet independent media outlets.

“A time limit cannot be declared in this situation because there is no one who can say how many months of struggle we have to prepare for.” Said Csaba Domotor, a deputy minister in Orban’s Cabinet Office.

Orban’s government did put in a decree which sets restrictions on leaving your home, with the exception of going to work and for food shopping.

Hungary has declared a state of emergency due to the spread of COVID-19. So far in Hungary there have been 447 cases and 15 deaths.

By: Declan Zaharia

Alberta government redirects $128 million of school funds to covid-19 response

On Saturday, March 28th, The Alberta UCP Government announced its plan to redirect $128 million of school funds to the provincial covid-19 response.

“I want to stress that this is a temporary arrangement as schools focus on at-home learning.”

The UCP government claims that the $128 million would have been used for transportation, substitute teachers and educational assistants. All of which is unnecessary to online learning.

Alberta Education Minister Adriana LaGrange says that this decision is a result of the current in-school class cancellations, due to growing concerns over covid-19. LaGrange says that this is a temporary event, and as soon as in-school classes resume, the redirection of funds will be cancelled. She has no doubt that this move will have no effect on Alberta’s current standard of learning.

Individual Schools will have to decide the positions that will be let go based on their new budget.

Sydney Chisholm

Calgary Subway franchise owner in hot water over billboard.

The Subway restaurant company has taken action against a Calgary franchise owner, who had posted a billboard outside the restaurant offering a free face mask with the purchase of two regular sandwiches.

“we took immediate action to address this on a local level..”

The sign was set up outside of Westbrook mall and many local residents in that area expressed their distaste on social media. The company responded back to the community with a statement on twitter. “Thank you for expressing your concerns. We took immediate action to address this on a local level & the sign has been removed. This sign doesn’t not reflect our brands values and the great work being done by our dedicated franchise network during this difficult time.”

The sign has since been taken down. Westbrook mall has said that the sign is in no way affiliated with the shopping center.

– Haley Carter