U of C Dinos baseball team in tough against PBA Dawgs


The University of Calgary Dinos baseball team is back in action this weekend as they take on the top ranked Prairie Baseball Academy Dawgs in a David vs. Goliath match-up. U of C will play at home for the first time this season, and will look to write the ship after a 1-7 start.

The Dinos have struggled so far this year, putting up 18 errors in just 8 games, but the team and coach know it’s just a matter of focusing on the little things.

“We just gotta make sure that we’re throwing strikes and not giving them outs.” says Colin Moro, head coach of the Dinos. “When they hit a ball to a player we gotta make the plays.”

Getting the start on the mound will be 2nd year pitcher, Jordan Smith. Smith is still looking for his first win of the season. The Dinos pitcher knows he has to be at his best to give his team a good chance to win, but also says they know what to expect since the two teams have already met four times this season.

“We know how they are, so it’s just improving on what we’ve done so far and hoping to execute a little better than we have in previous weekends.” Smith said.

U of C is currently riding a five-game losing skid. Four of those five games were against PBA, where the Dawgs managed to score 10 or more runs in every game.


SAIT Trojans honoured for their achievements


Every year, SAIT holds an annual athletics awards gala for their student-athletes to honour their achievements both on and off the field. One of the biggest awards is the Male/Female Athletes of the Year, which was won by hockey players Dean Allison and Cora Sutton. This was the first time both male and female athletes of the year were hockey players since 2006-07 season when both men’s and women’s hockey teams were ACAC Conference Champions.

Sutton entered her final season as a Trojan donning the “C” on her jersey and justified the captaincy by taking home her first athlete of the year award on her third nomination.

“It was definitely a storybook ending to a great career,” Sutton said of winning the award in her final season. “It’s been one hell of a journey here so to end off with the female athlete of the year, especially with all the competition I was up against, was a huge honour.”

As for Allison, this was his first nomination in his second year at SAIT. He captained the men’s hockey team to the ACAC semi-finals. Allison finished with 38 points in just 28 games, good for third in the ACAC, but was still surprised when his name was called as the winner.

“I would be lying if I said I wasn’t surprised when I heard my name get called.” Allison said. “There’s a lot of outstanding athletes that go to this school…It’s a really positive and exciting feeling for myself to hear my name called that day.”

The other nominees for Male Athlete of the Year were: Trent Mounter (2nd year Volleyball), Jacques Saayman (1st year Cross-Country/Indoor Track), John Smith Jr. (2nd year Basketball), and Jake Walmsley (3rd year Soccer).

The other nominees for Female Athlete of the Year were: Megan Brennan (5th year Volleyball), Jennifer Dore (2nd year Soccer), Ricki Doyle (2nd year Cross-Country/Indoor Track), Alicia Tan (4th year Basketball), and Hailey Young (2nd year Fastball).

SAIT’s Photojournalism program celebrates its graduating students through showcase

It’s been 2 years of hard work for SAIT’s photojournalism program. That work was showcased on the walls of the library this month to display some of their best work. 2 pieces of each student’s portfolios were selected by instructors and then hung up.

Instructor of the photojournalism program Kevin Udahl says, “they’ce been working so hard for the past several months and it’s kind of a relief for a lot of them because school’s finally over but now it’s time to look for work I guess.”

It’s easy for just anyone to take a photo but the work done in photojournalism is pretty different. Udahl says even though media jobs are shrinking, the introduction of the internet and social media is opening doors and creating more opportunities. Even the enrollment for the program for the 2017/2018 year is higher than the past two years.

The students are also taking away skills that the average person may not think about. “I suppose the difference between a photojournalist and the average person with an iPhone is we are looking for a specific moment that tells the story that we are trying to tell,” said Carol Chabot who is graduating from ┬áthe photojournalism program this month.


Black blue and now green bins

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Get ready to compost Calgary. The new green bin program is coming to 320,000 residents home starting June 5th. After a five year pilot project 90 per cent of Calgary residents were in favor of introducing the green bins to the city.

the $6.50 cent fee has been waived for almost a year to all residents who will be receiving the bins.

All this is in effort to reduce green house gases emissions as 65 per cent of waste generated from single homes contains food wast and yard material.

the material collected from the green bins will be recycled and turned into soil to use for yard work.

Executive director of green Calgary Conor Tapp says this is the right step forward to make a greener city “The conversation has definitely changed. For some Calgarians there’s more of an appetite now to do their own compost and the reason is with your compost you have a premium craft product. You keep your greens you keep your best products for you and the city, rather than sending your browns and your bones and other products to the landfill you send that to them to make their municipal product”.

The new program though is expected to take 17 weeks and deliver 20,000 green bins a week until all residents have one the process is expected to take a while with some residents not receiving the bins until October 2nd.



Flames fans still hopeful going into game 4

It isn’t a great situation for the Flames going into what could be their last game of the playoffs. Monday night’s game looked promising with the Flames at one point up 4-1. But that lead was short-lived when the Anaheim Ducks started to get their stride back. It was one goal after another until eventually, the Ducks tied up the game leading to an extra period. shortly into overtime, Anaheim ran away with the game.

But hope isn’t lost for fans. With another game right here at home, Calgarians will continue to show their support.

“I expect them to show up 100% behind the team and fully there because if not, they’r only pseudo-flames fans and just say they are but they aren’t. you always support the team no matter where they’re at,” said Doug Craig, a Flames supporter.

But it isn’t tonight’s game fans are worried about. They have the up-most confidence the Flames will win at home but it’s the cursed Anaheim rink that is bringing the moral down.

Even the mayor, Naheed Nenshi, is confident in a home win to avoid getting swept out of the playoffs.

“I mean obviously they’re going to win tonight. They just have to win 3 more in a row that’s all…two in a building they’ve had trouble winning in but they’ll be able to do it,” said Nenshi.

Puck drops at 8pm.

Housing prices going up means good news for economy

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In 2014 oil prices plummeted and Calgary housing prices dropped 4.7 per cent. This made it difficult for anyone who wanted to purchase a home or sell their home because people were struggling to keep jobs and find them. This not only effected the job market, but for anyone in the real estate business as well.

“In the last six months, on average per month, there’s about 1 per cent of all the realtors making sales in the city. So there’s roughly 5,500 realtors in the city and you know last month alone there was less than 100 sales” says Assistant Realtor Sean Travis.

A new study though has shown that the housing market has climbed up 0.6 per cent year over year in Calgary and this is a good sign for the economy.

Travis added “On the bright side things are starting to pick up a little bit. You’re starting to see more people with money interested in selling ans that of course is intern because you know jobs are starting to come back in Calgary”.

It might seem like this is good news for our city, but Calgary still has a long way to go if it ever wants to be what it once was when the oil industry was big.


Respect in Sport


When you think hockey, you think fast paced action, high intensity and passion.

However there is a darker side to the game than most people think.. Bullying, sexual harassment and lack of respect is still seen in the game today.

In 2010 Hockey Calgary was the first organization in Canada that implemented the mandatory “Respect in Sport Program”. This hour long program must be completed by one parent in each family who is involved in the Hockey Calgary program, if not their child will not be eligible to compete.

On Thursday April 20th, Hockey Calgary announced parents will need to do the program every 4 years starting in the 2017-2018 season.

Kevin Kobelka, Executive Director of Hockey Calgary says the program is made for educating parents on other factors such as Cyber Bullying, Sexual Abuse and Long Term Athletic Development.

On a Hockey Calgary Survey, parents were asked if they would do anything if they saw violence.. 48% of parents would say something while 22% wouldn’t.

Sheldon Kennedy, a former NHL player and Co-Founder of the Calgary Respect Group, wants parents to remember they’re not the second coach.. The’re a fan.

-Jacob LeBlanc