Tennis is back in Calgary



Tennis has begun in Calgary and the Osten and Victor Tennis Centre is seeing new people give the racket a swing.

The 8 indoor hard courts and 5 outdoor clay courts give Calgarians the chance to get out and be active, and it’s also a great way to stay safe, and in shape this summer.

Tennis Director Charlie McLean talks about the perks of the sport, “From what we hear from parents and kids, is that there is no contact.. very social.. and you can always play tennis no matter where you go.”

There are a wide variety of programs catering to everyone from four years old just starting out to people in their 80’s.

General Manager Danny Da Costa says they already have 400 kids in their junior program and they keep growing every day.

Their biggest event of the year will be June 3rd-10th where kids from all over the world will showcase their talents.




Brentwood Five murderer lobbying for reintegration


The man who committed Calgary’s worst mass murder was in court Thursday. Matthew de Grood is looking to begin the reintegration process back into society.

The hearing began with both the defence and prosecution asking Dr. Sergio Santana questions about de Grood’s progress over the last year. Dr. Santana had mostly good thing to say, noting he has been a “model patient”.

During one of the questions asked, Dr. Santana stated de Grood is on medication for schizophrenia and has not had any symptoms for almost three years. Another key point made was that de Grood seems to be ahead of progress, and there is an option to transfer him to Alberta Hospital Edmonton which is a larger area than the facility he currently resides in.

The Alberta Review Board has three options to choose from: keep de Grood in a secure facility until his next hearing, give him conditional discharge, or give him absolute discharge.

The decision will be made at a later date yet to be announced.


Matt Fetinko

New virtual reality technology could help oil sands.


The University of Calgary showed off new virtual reality technology Wednesday. The new tech gear is designed to help in the oil sands by providing a cheaper, faster and more eco-friendly way to get petroleum.

Alberta’s oil and gas sector is in a bit of a slump right now but the new virtual reality technology could change that in a hurry. Some students and scientists from U of C have created a software to enhance the oil extracting process. The VR software will allow companies to be able to extract petroleum inside reservoirs at a more cost-efficient and eco-friendly rate by reducing the wait time for companies to start drilling and limiting carbon emissions.

“In this method, the heat is generated in the reservoir.” explains Min Yang, and U of C student working on the project. “The carbon dioxide will be concentrated in the reservoir and will not produce to the atmosphere.”

This will create new jobs in an industry that is seeing its biggest slump in a while. Due to the low price of oil, companies cannot justify new projects, however, with the new VR, they will be able to afford new projects.

Today’s oil price is at $52.24 per barrel, less than half the price of oil at this time three years ago.


Matt Fetinko

Is Robin Hood flour in trouble with consumers?


The Canadian Food Inspection Agency says 10,000, 10 kilogram bags of Robin Hood original all purpose flour are being recalled by Smucker Foods of Canada.

The recall comes after people felt ill due to an E.coli contamination, but with this recall comes some uncertainty with consumers.

Joanne Roshalo says she’ll continue to use other flours for a while until she knows that the problem has been solved Roshalo says she might even stay clear of flours all together, and instead go back to other grains.

Shona Foster feels differently and says that a company that large would’ve had their finger on the problem right away. She thinks Smuckers Food of Canada will be able to fix the problem and re-gain consumers trust.

So far 25 people in four provinces, including Alberta have contracted E.coli, that was attributed to this batch of flour.

Marketing Assistant, Dominick Laurin says Smuckers will have to save face in the media to ensure the company doesn’t lose people’s trust. Laurin says Smuckers will need to make sure that the general public knows E.Coli is a thing of the past.

The affected flour carries a best before date of April 17, 2018. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency says if you’re unsure if your flour is part of the recall, throw it away.

  • Alison MacKinnon




It all started with computers of the size of a room, nowadays high-tech computers can fit on the palm of your hand.

Technology is updating and by that education is also upgrading.

SAIT hosted an event called “Lego Robotics” which all students were invited to play and build robots using Lego.

The idea is to experience technology in a fun way.

Jim Grey – SAIT’s Library Supervisor says “it is a good way to get people interested in engineering and sciences”.

This technology is being integrated into education in all ways and young people should know how to code and program in this Digital Era.

Instructor at SAIT are looking at all kinds of new technologies to ingrate them into course materials.


Ivan Ivanoff

Trojans Gala taking place tonight

The 2017 SAIT Trojans annual Gala is taking place tonight, and students, faculty and fans will find out who is this year’s male and female athlete of the year.

Five men and six women cross their fingers in hopes of receiving the top honour after a very successful campaign across the board for all Trojans teams. Men’s hockey captain Dean Allison says it’s a huge honour to even be nominated for the award with all the superb athletes SAIT has.

With 21 ACAC All-Conference athletes and five ACAC Rookies of the Year, the talent pool that voters could choose from was as deep as ever. Women’s basketball stand out Alicia Tan reiterated the honour of just being selected, and said she was using this experience to power the Trojans to ACAC gold and a berth in the national tournament next year.

There will be some changes and additions to this year’s banquet. For the first time ever, a male and female freshman of the year award will be handed out since the success of each team was aided in large part by the hard work of the first year players.

The Trojan award which is handed out to an individual who epitomizes the Trojans motto of courage, determination and spirit will now be named the Al Buttle Red and White award, after the late Al Buttle who was SAIT’s first athletic director who passed away in 2013.

  • Troy Durrelltrojans

Golf season is finally upon us

Spring time means golf season, and over the past few weeks, courses have been opening up all over the city.

Fox Hollow golf course located near Deerfoot Trail is a place for people of all skill levels to get out and test our their skills. Local golfers enjoy going to Fox Hollow because of the area that its located, and there are benefits that come with being a member, such as the men’s club which takes place on Sunday’s.

With the ever changing weather in Calgary, it presents challenges for the course, and employees know that there are risks of opening up the greens around this time of year, due to the fact that they can get damaged by the weather and people using them improperly.

Just last week there was six inches of snow on Sunday, and it was cleared by Monday afternoon, which abled the course to open up later in the day. According to assistant golf pro Bryce Dancer, if the course stays on top of knowing what’s happening with the weather, they can prepare themselves.

With the season up and starting, there are plenty of tournaments, men’s and women’s nights, just around the corner for avid golfers to enjoy.

  • Troy Durrell