Rachel Notley announces provincial election

rachel notley
(photography by Chris Schwarz/Government of Alberta)

Rachel Notley will look to continue her position as Alberta’s premier as she called a provincial election for April 16th.

Notley made the announcement at the National Music Centre Tuesday morning. With the election being a little more than three weeks away, Notley wasted no time speaking of controversies involving Jason Kenney and the United Conservative Party.

“I do believe as a party the UCP has a problem with racism. . . Mr. Kenney wants an Alberta divided over people’s rights.”

Notley spoke about the recent controversy regarding UCP candidate Caylan Ford. Notley went on to say “I do believe as a party the UCP has a problem with racism. . .Mr Kenney wants an Alberta divided over people’s rights.”

The upcoming election will be the first for the UCP and Kenney.

-Logan Stein


Fraud charges force two to pay back millions

Owner of Base License Ltd. Arnold Breitkreutz and his office manager, Susan Elizabeth Way are being forced by the Alberta Securities Commission to pay back millions of the dollars that the two defrauded investors.

The Alberta Securities Commission is making Breitkreutz to pay an approximate total of 3.7 million dollars and Way is having to pay over 600 thousand dollars which is a small percentage of what they took from investors.

Both Breitkeurtz and Way defrauded a grand total of 137 million dollars from the people giving them business.

Base Finance Ltd. and Breitkeurtz have been permanently banned from trading or purchasing securities and derivatives. Way has been banned for the same trades and purchases for at least 20 years.

-Connor Gunn

Alberta leads Canada with lowest child poverty rate

A new report released by Statistics Canada shows that Alberta has the lowest rate of child poverty in the country.

“The new “Alberta Child Benefit” and the CCB (Canada Child Benefit) cut Alberta’s child poverty rate in half .”

The report released on Tuesday that measured child poverty rates across Canada between 2015 and 2017 found that rates in Alberta were cut in half from ten percent to just five percent during that time.

Quebec was found to have the second lowest child poverty rate in the nation and every province except Nova Scotia saw a decline over the two years that the report covered.

“Huge variation across Canada in child poverty rates. Alberta has the lowest by far. The new “Alberta Child Benefit” and the CCB (Canada Child Benefit) cut Alberta’s child poverty rate in half since 2015.” said Economy Professor at the University of Calgary Trevor Tombe on Twitter.

Figures for 2018 will not be available until next year.

Austin Lee

Calgary Housing leaves local woman without heat for three days

Woman freezing

Karla Morton, a Calgary Housing Company tenant, was left to fend for herself in -29 degrees weather by the CHC after her heat went out on Friday afternoon.

The CHC sent a furnace repairman that day who informed Morton that he was unable to fix the problem till after the weekend do to a possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning and that she would have to make do till then.

“I could see my own breath…”

To help, CHC sent Morton 2 small space heaters to warm her 3-bedroom townhouse and told her to turn on and open her oven if that didn’t help. Morton was left shivering underneath a mountain of blankets and was unable to sleep over the weekend due to the cold.

“I could see my breath,” said Morton. “It’s freezing cold and I don’t really have anywhere else to go.”

According to Alberta Health and Safety codes for Affordable housing, the furnace must be able to maintain a minimum temperature of 16 degrees in the winter, and ovens and space heaters are not to be used as primary sources of heat.

Morton’s furnace was finally fixed on Monday night, but the damage had already been done.


-Sean Marks

Alberta teacher in possession of child pornography is facing jail time


Mark Anderson of Pincher Creek age 44, was sentenced to 30 months in jail after pleading guilty to both making and owning child pornography. Police launched an investigation in July 2017 after national center for missing and exploited children sent a notice of pornographic material being uploaded on social media.

After seizer of his computer and other devices from his home, revealed hundreds of images and video of child porn. The court presented details that he had been in possession of child pornography dating back to 2010.

Anderson’s lawyer says

“His client is remorseful, receiving counseling and is unhappy with the previous behavior that he doesn’t find acceptable.”

Anderson will remain out of custody while at the Southern Alberta Forensic Psychiatry Centre in Calgary. The Peigan Board of Education has confirmed that after initially suspending Anderson, his employment is terminated.

-Raynaldo Suarez

Alberta senior loses $250K in sweepstakes scam

Southern Alberta authorities are warning people to be aware of scammers after an 81-year-old Lethbridge senior was defrauded of $250,000.

“It’s happening in all areas of our country.”

“It’s important that members in our community are extra vigilant and that they’re aware scamming is happening,” said acting Sgt. Paulo Magliocco. “It’s happening in all areas of our country.”

Local police say they were contacted by the woman’s son after he realized that she had been sending large amounts of money via bank drafts almost weekly since last March.

She received a letter from what appeared to be the Bank of America stating that she had won a large cash prize. It said that in order to receive her winnings, she had to send money to cover taxes and insurance.

They continued to press her for money and personal information for close to 10 months.

-Sean Marks

Anti-pipeline group challenges National Energy Board

An anti-pipeline group has filed a motion with the NEB to evaluate and reconsider an expansion on the Trans Mountain pipeline project.

Stand.earth is a grassroots environmental organization founded in Vancouver. The group has said that the trans mountain project has not been examined enough considering the possible implications on the pipeline’s effect on ocean life and the climate.

In 2017 the NEB decided to further their review of the energy east pipeline, which was supposed to carry oil from Alberta to New Brunswick before it was cancelled by the federal government.

“It is simply irresponsible that the government has so far refused to review the full climate impacts of this project.”

The international program director for Stand.earth, Tzeporah Berman, said “It is simply irresponsible that the government has so far refused to review the full climate impacts of this project.”

A spokesperson for the NEB has said the motion has not been reviewed yet.

-Logan Stein