Serge Ibaka, Raptors, surge past Wizards to take game one

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The Toronto Raptors are playing like a team with something to prove, beating the Washington Wizards in their first playoff game this year.

Serge Ibaka led his squad to their 114-106 win, contributing 23 points, and an impressive 12 rebounds.

The Wizards’ point guard John Wall equaled Ibaka in points, but his team just couldn’t make enough magic happen to get past a solid looking Raptors team.

Lowry and DeRozan made some noise, but they certainly didn’t hog the spotlight combining for only 28 points. No doubt the rest of the team will expect more from the dynamic duo in the rest of the series.

Looking ahead, the Raptors need to have a solid bench as they did in game one, and keep the defense tight to stop a potentially threatening Wizards offense.

The second contest of the series is Tuesday night, back in the Six.

-Danny Seymour


Raptors clinch a new club record

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The Toronto Raptors won their final home game of the season Sunday, chalking up a club record 34th home victory.

The Raptors beat the Orlando Magic 112-101, leaving them tied with the Houston Rockets for the best home record in the NBA this season.

During the Sunday game, the Raptors led by double digits for much of the night and took an 89-74 advantage into the fourth.

Two nights earlier, the Raptors clinched the No. 1 spot in the NBA’s Eastern Conference and set records for both regular-season and home wins.

The team is now just two games away from starting the playoffs. They play the Washington Wizards on Wednesday.

-Mason DePatie


DeRozan doesn’t let depression dunk on him

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Toronto Raptor DeMar DeRozan, addressed his depression in a tweet in February saying “This depression get the best of me.”

Normally reserved, DeRozan is shocked to see the amount of support he’s been getting since then.

DeRozan hoped up more to the NBA about his struggles and his words spoke to them.

“I understand it’s hard to step up and do a thing like that.” – DeMar DeRozan

“I understand it’s hard to step up and do a thing like that. If I had to be the sacrificial lamb to open up that gate and make everybody else feel comfortable and share their story and help the next person, that’s what it’s all about.” Said DeRozan after other NBA players started coming forward.

Cleveland Cavalier Kevin Love came forward about his anxiety, saying he never expected someone like DeRozan (who inspires him) would deal with similar struggles.

Now DeRozan and Love are more than happy to look out for each other when times get tough.

Vanessa Arrate