Council still split on 2026 Olympic bid

calgary skyline

The 2026 Olympic bid is something that Calgary City Council has been concerned about for the past couple months.

Council members decided a vote will need to be taken to decided whether or not to move forward with putting in a bid for the twenty twenty six Olympics.

If Calgary does have the Olympics in twenty twenty six it could mean a multi-billion dollar plan would go into place to upgrade Olympic equipment that hasn’t seen an Olympics in forty years.

“We should be concerned with the level of transparency….”

The idea of a subcommittee filled with members of the public was an idea the Council had, but it raises some concerns with Councilor Chahal saying “We should be concerned with the level of transparency because if the public doesn’t know and doesn’t have the information, which I was advocating for, how can you make a decision.”

Some Councilors believe that the subcommittee is not a bad idea with Councilor Sean Chu saying “the subcommittee are “cheerleaders”” basically meaning they’re cheering the vote on.

Having a subcommittee can be beneficial to making a decision like this because, the public can bring up concerns that council may not have thought of, and in the end it is our city and a public opinion may not hurt at the moment.

  • Tanner Strauss