Dawson – Practicum: Week 3

I’ve been putting my blogs in the wrong place for the last two entrees. Hopefully this is the right one this time, otherwise I’m a lot worse at this whole thing than I thought. Tell me if I should move the old ones to the same spot I put this one in. Unless it’s wrong.

With the weather getting better, it’s been easier to leave the house to walk the dog, though the paranoia of keeping distance from people is still always at the back of the mind.

I compared show line-ups with my supervisor this week, getting tips and tricks regarding how what is put where in industry. Setting a line-up is mostly the same, as is timing (so good news, everyone in simulation next year). With the current state of the world I had lined up the show in blocks of COVID-19 news, a break, local news, another break, national news, a final break and sports by the end. Small tips like what to use as a kicker, what to drop and why (Joanne and I agreed on what would be dropped, but for different reasons–naturally hers made more sense than mine).

They now have a dedicated live feed-in for skype at Global Calgary, and I imagine that’s the standard across most stations. It sits right next to the live feeds, which are the only stand-ups I’ve been seeing on television lately.

We had our first last class of the program on Friday with Shane, and even though I’m getting emotional thinking about it, it was definitely difficult to put that feeling together for me at the time. Communicating through the screen doesn’t elicit the same empathetic response that you’d feel face to face. We can’t do “one last hug” or anything like that. It all has to be digital, and it’s hard. I miss that feeling, and I miss the class–inevitably when everyone has taken off in their careers I’m probably going to be the one that sets up a deliberate reunion–and that might be the first time we get to see each other in a group since the quarantine started.

It’s a strange concept to try and wrap your head around.