Gerald Butts releases new information to judiciary committee in SNC Lavalin probe

parliament hillThe House of Commons judiciary committee has received new information regarding the SNC Lavalin scandal, only a week after former Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould provided them text messages.

“It is political interference” –Jody Wilson-Raybould.

Former principal secretary to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau; Gerald Butts has released new text messages he had with Wilson-Raybould. The content of these messages is unknown at the moment.

The news comes after the former Attorney General leaked a recorded phone conversation she had with former Clerk of Privy Council Michael Wernick. In the exchange, we can hear her saying: “Michael, I have to say, including this conversation, previous conversations I’ve had with the PM and people around him are entirely inappropriate. It is political interference.”

For the moment, Wilson-Raybould is still a member of the Liberal caucus, but more voices are emerging, requesting her to be ousted.

-Cimon Charest




Canola embargo brings outcry from producers

Canola CropThe Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan has spoken out in regards to the escalating canola feud with China. Executive Director of the Western Canada Wheat Growers David Quist, says there is confusion among Canadian farmers about what can and cannot be exported.

We’re very much looking at the possibility of sending a high-level delegation to China.

A second Canada-based producer was blocked from exporting to China over contamination issues on Tuesday. According to a statement on China’s General Administration of Customs website, officials detected hazardous organisms in canola shipments from Regina-based Viterra inc.

The first producer declined, Winnipeg-based Richardson International was halted on the ground of pests that were prohibited by the government.

Canola groups have called on the government to resolve the issue.

We’re very much looking at the possibility of sending a high-level delegation to China,” Justin Trudeau said while addressing the matter in Winnipeg on Tuesday.

China buys a 40 percent majority of Canada’s canola exports.


Dawson Enns

Second Minister resigns from Trudeau cabinet

Justin Trudeau.jpgSNC Lavalin case creates a lot of problems for the Trudeau government.

“I have been considering the events that have shaken the federal government in recent weeks”

– Jane Philpott

MP Jane Philpott announced Monday morning she retires from the Treasury Board citing the SNC Lavalin case. In a letter she posted on Twitter, she mentions she needs to support former cabinet members in such times and to stand for her “core values, ethical responsibilities and constitutional obligations.”

Philpott is the Second Minister to resign from her position because of the SNC Lavalin case, as Jody Wilson-Raybould resigned from Veterans Affairs on February 12, 2019.

-Vincent Lavoie

Huawei CFO Meng Wanzou suing Federal Government for violation of rights


Huawei’s Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzou is suing members of the federal government, Canada Border Services Agency, and the RCMP over violation of her charter rights.

The suit claims Wanzou was falsely imprisoned and multiple government officials not complying with the rule of law when she was arrested, searched and questioned.

The lawsuit moves forward into B.C Supreme Court and it begins on Wednesday.


James Dunn