Justin Trudeau picks sides over construction of Trans-mountain pipeline

Oil Pipeline
The construction of the Kinder-Morgan pipeline has led to a stale-mate between British Columbia and Alberta, with both parties not willing to budge.
The Prime Minister sat down with Premier Rachel Notley and John Horgan in hopes of reaching a deal, but they quickly hit an impass. However, Justin Trudeau and Notley seem to be on the same page.
“We are going to get the pipeline built” Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada
Trudeau made it clear that Ottawa would support the project financially and the government is also looking at legislative options to ensure that the pipeline gets built.
– Husham Tahir

Calgary’s Olympic bid trapped under ice after city council vote.

Olympic Torch

After arguments and disagreements between city council, Calgary’s 2026 winter Olympic bid may be on its last legs.

City Council agreed Tuesday that a vote on whether to continue the bid will be necessary in order to move forward.

The bid has been a hot topic in Calgary, as city council has argued for months on whether to actually pursue the bid.

One of the key issues raised is the cost of the Olympics, which is expected to be billions,  including upgrades to current sports facilities and building new ones.

However, the main topic of concern at this meeting was not the money, but rather concerns about transparency and lack of communication with the public over the bid.

Councillor George Chahal made his opinion clear saying “If the public doesn’t have the information, how can you make a decision?”

“If the public doesnt know and doesn’t have the information, how can you make a decision?”

Another major concern is the creation of a subcommittee tasked with public outreach over the bid that currently has no members of the public on it.

While several oppose the planned committee, there are some councilors who think its a vital and important part of the bid, including councilor George Chahal who says “The whole point of going to a Bidco is so we have the independent oversight with all partners involved in making a decision.”

Councilor Sean Chu also showed his support for the committee saying “A lot of the public ask the same question is that many of you on the subcommittee are.”

“A lot of the public ask the same question is that many of you on the subcomitte are.”

The lack of communication, financial security, and solidarity between council are huge threats for the bid, and while some Calgarians are hopeful that a solution to these problems can be found, many council members are convinced that once the vote is counted on Monday the Olympic dream in Calgary will be over.

-Ryan O’Donnell

Alberta to receive $3.3B in federal infrastructure funding

The federal government will commit $3.3B to fund infrastructure projects across Alberta over the next ten years.
Federal Infrastructure Minister Amarjeet Sohi says investments in infrastructure are key to creating jobs for the middle class and strengthening our economy.
The money will go towards public transit, green infrastructure, recreation and community projects.
The bulk of the money will go to Edmonton and Calgary.
-Mandy Vocke