Hungary parliament to give government extraordinary power amid COVID-19 pandemic

On Monday, Hungary’s Parliament passed a bill which gave Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s government extraordinary powers during this COVID-19 Pandemic. The bill has no end date to when this power can be taken away.

“Who can say how many months of struggle we have to prepare for.”

This bill was approved by Orban’s party and other government supporters with 137 votes in favor of the bill and 53 against it. For the bill to be approved it needed 133 to pass.

The legislation has been criticized by many parties and people for not including a expiration date for the governments power. The bill also includes measures for false information which has made people concerned that the government can use this to quiet independent media outlets.

“A time limit cannot be declared in this situation because there is no one who can say how many months of struggle we have to prepare for.” Said Csaba Domotor, a deputy minister in Orban’s Cabinet Office.

Orban’s government did put in a decree which sets restrictions on leaving your home, with the exception of going to work and for food shopping.

Hungary has declared a state of emergency due to the spread of COVID-19. So far in Hungary there have been 447 cases and 15 deaths.

By: Declan Zaharia

Trudeau urges canadian’s to follow social distancing rule

KIEV, UKRAINE – Jul 11, 2016: Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau during his official visit to Kiev, Ukraine

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says there is no tolerance for people disobeying rules to socially distance. There were reports from across the country about people going to parks, and other public areas. Trudeaus warnings come soon after provinces threatened to roll out fines to enforce the social distancing rule. If Canadians do not get the message and stay home, the government could act to fore them.

“go home and stay home”

Trudeau gave an address from his cottage while in self isolation. “you all think your invincible. Your not. Enough is enough.” Trudeau said he will be speaking with premiers across the country, to discuss how they can crack down on those ignoring social distancing.

Zach Degerness

Alberta up to 14 confirmed cases of coronavirus

The Chief Medical Officer of Alberta Dr.Deena Hinshaw has confirmed seven new cases of the COVID-19 virus have appeared in Alberta, adding to the already existing seven cases. Four of the new cases are said to be in the Calgary zone while the other three are in the Edmonton zone. It has also been revealed that all cases within the province are travel related.

“The number of confirmed cases will likely continue to increase in the weeks ahead.”

In the Calgary zone, the infected range between the ages of 30 and 50 years old. Three infected are female and one is male. Many of the infected are said to have traveled to more than just one country. It is not yet confirmed where exactly the newly infected contracted the COVID-19 virus.

Dr. Hinshaw stated at an afternoon news conference in Edmonton, “Our public health measures are doing precisely what they were intended to do: detect new cases and take immediate action. This means that the number of confirmed cases will likely continue to increase in the weeks ahead. But it’s important to remember that every new travel-related case that is confirmed represents another case where we can take an action to isolate the virus and prevent its spread.”

The Alberta government is continuing to monitor situation but still says the risk level in the province is low. As of today, the World Health Organization has labelled the coronavirus as a pandemic. If you believe you are showing symptoms please contact Health Link at 8-1-1 or go online to the Health Link

  • Calvin Hector

Trudeau Moving Canadian Government Closer to North American Free Trade Agreement

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has stated that the government will introduce a motion on Jan. 27 to formally approve the new North American Free Trade Agreement when parliament begins its new session.

“We are going to make sure we move forward in the right way and that means ratifying this new NAFTA as quickly as possible.”

– Justin Trudeau

Trudeau also spoke about the importance of the agreement saying Canadians need reliable and stable trade with their trading partners. The new NAFTA deal will have legislation in the upcoming days with hopes to have it ratified and put into affect.

President Donald Trump and the United States Senate approved its version of the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement this past week.

Calvin Hector

Indigenous prisoner numbers on the rise

Indigenous people only account for approximately five per cent of the Canadian population, but over 30 per cent of Canadian Federal prisoners are Indigenous. The numbers are even more concerning for the female community, at an alarming 42 per cent.

The correctional system seems unresponsive to the needs, histories and social realities behind high rates of Indigenous offending.

Ivan Zinger, Correctional Investigator

No government party has managed to reverse the tendency of Indigenous depiction in jails.

The Correctional Service of Canada tries to impact the time Indigenous offenders spend during their sentence. The service continues utilizing culturally active programs, ensuring a successful return to society.

Hayley Shirkey