3 Things the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs have shown us so far

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The Stanley Cup Playoffs always seem to electrify the sports world every April through June, and the 2018 installment has been no different. Here are 3 things we’ve learned after just 1 week of playoff hockey.

1: Vegas is for real.

It’s fair to say the Vegas Golden Knights had proven all the doubters wrong in the regular season by winning the Pacific Division as an expansion team, (something never done in NHL history), but come playoff time many people took L.A. over Vegas. Well in classic Golden Knight fashion they did what they did all season, just kept winning, and swept the Kings.

Even more fitting was that the Knights’ pick from the Kings (Brayden McNab) was the one who scored the goal that ended L.A.’s season.

Oh and also Marc Andre-Fleury has looked almost unbeatable allowing just 3 goals in 4 games. Good luck to anyone who has to face these guys down the road.


2: The Jets are just too good for the Wild.

Currently the Jets hold a 3-1 lead over the Minnesota Wild, heading back to the Bell MTS Center for game 5. The Jets won both games 1 and 2 at home and have just looked to be too much for the Wild to handle.

While yes, the Wild won game 3 in pretty convincing fashion, they have been unable to get anything going since then. Connor Hellebuyck has looked unreal and earned the Jets/Thrashers organization not only their first ever playoff win but also the franchises first ever playoff shutout.

Dustin Byfuglien has also been an absolute machine, and has just been a force all series  for Winnipeg. Even with the loss of Myers, the Jets still looked dominant over Minnesota in game 4. With game five in Winnipeg it might be curtains for the Wild, and another early playoff exit for them.


3: Boston’s first line is one of the best in the NHL.

Patrice Bergeron centering David Pastrnak and Brad Marchand is arguably the best first line in the entire league right now, and they’re having fun. Pastrnak leads the entire league in terms of playoff scoring with 9 points after just three games, including 4 goals.

Brad Marchand has been the agitator he always is and is driving the Leafs crazy. Oh yeah, he also has 6 points. Not to bad for “the rat”.

Patrice Bergeron continues to solidify himself as one of the best shutdown centers in the league and has 5 points in three games, so I think it’s fair to say they’re playing alright.

Interestingly enough,  Boston’s first line was held pointless in Toronto in game 3, and with game 4 tomorrow night, we’ll have to wait and see if they bounce back.

Jordan Bay


Is Calgary’s Olympic Bid on thin ice?

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The prospect of another Olympics in Calgary is exiting to many people, and the 88′ Olympics in Calgary were the last Olympics to make a profit. So the decision on whether or not to bid for the 2026 Winter Olympics should an easy one, right? Not for city council.

A council subcommittee has decided that a vote is needed to determine whether or not to continue Calgary’s Olympic Bid proses. But this subcommittee is raising questions of its own, and many councilors are concerned about the lack of transparency within the committee.

“Well, I think we should be very concerned with the level of transparency”

George Chahal, Ward 5 Councilor, expressed how he was “concerned with the level of transparency” from the subcommittee. He also continued on saying “If the public doesn’t know and have the information, which I was advocating for, how can you make a decision”

But Chahal is not opposed to a subcommittee, saying “I think it’s important to have a subcommittee” continuing on saying “the whole point of going to a bidco is so we have that independent oversight with all partners involved in the decision.”

Sean Chu, Ward 4, said that he heard many people calling  the subcommittee “cheerleader” for the Olympic bid.

The vote is expected to come soon, and then we’ll know if the bid is dead, or will gain a second life.

Jordan Bay, April 17th, 2018




Calgary Trucking company under investigation for Humboldt Broncos crash

pexels-photo-93398.jpegAn investigation is now underway for the Calgary trucking company that was involved with the Humboldt Broncos Bus Crash.

Adesh Deol Trucking, the company that contracted out the semi that collided with the Broncos team bus, has now been suspended and will continue to be until the investigation into the crash is complete.

“The suspension is a direct result of the collision and the fact the company still has another vehicle in operation,”

The Alberta Transportation ministry says the suspension is standard procedure any time a commercial carrier is involved with a high profile accident.

The RCMP has yet to release any information as to the cause of the crash that killed 15 and 14 others last Friday.

-Ryan O’Donnell

Flames lose another meaningless game

Flames logoThe Calgary Flames have continued to stumble their way towards the 82-game mark. As a team that started the season facing such high expectations, now they are left to wonder what could have been.

In their third-to-last contest of the season on Tuesday night, the Flames faced a Coyotes team who have had a strong month, despite having one of the worst point totals in the NHL. Their record as of late can be attributed to Antti Raanta, their Finnish number one goaltender. Raanta – who was acquired from the New York Rangers in the offseason – has had a strong second half for the Coyotes.

Like a lot of things this season, this one didn’t go the Flames’ way. Their trend of heavily out-shooting teams but not being able to score continued, with shots favouring Calgary 43-21 but the score ending up 4-1 for the Coyotes.

The lone bright spot in this one was deadline-acquisition Nick Shore, who got his first goal as a Flame.

— Danica Ferris

Winnipeg Jets continuing into playoffs

feb 2 2017-0978

The Winnipeg Jets have found their spot in the playoffs after winning to the Nashville predators in a shoot out.

The final score was five to four.

Rookie Kyle Conner scored one of the five goals and assisted 2. He now holds second place on the western conference, just five points back of first-place Nashville.

He now has 29 goals in the season, tying him with Vancouver Canucks Brock Boeser on the NHL rookie goal scoring lead.

Calgary Flames in face off with a ten million dollar lawsuit


Cdn Money

Don Henderson, a former hockey officiate has sued both the Calgary Flames and ex hockey player Dennis Wideman for over ten million dollars.

Henderson has not officiated a game since being allegedly hit from behind by Wideman. He says he suffers both serious mental and physical damage, resulting that he can no longer work.

A Calgary judge however says that Henderson cannot sue because the of the NHL constitution, which says “Any dispute between players, coaches, or referees should be handled by arbitrators ” and everyone agrees to this when they join the league.

“Any dispute between players, coaches, or referees should be handled by arbitrators”

It is expected the case will be pushed back onto the NHL.

Henderson’s legal team does have the right to appeal, but no decisions have been made yet.

-Reya Lehoux


That’s a wrap: 2018 NHL trade deadline recap


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The N.H.L trade deadline has come and gone with the Winnipeg Jets and Tampa Bay Lighting making some big moves.

The Jets picked up Paul Stastny from St. Louis, and the Lightning’s traded for Ryan McDonough and J.T. Miller from the New York Rangers

Both Alberta teams seemed to be fairly quiet on deadline day without making any major trades over the weekend.

Calgary did acquired Nick Shore from the Ottawa Senators and reassigned Morgan Klimchuk to Stockton. While Edmonton acquire third-round pick J.D. Dudek.

-Andrea Ferrari