Calgary’s Olympic bid trapped under ice after city council vote.

Olympic Torch

After arguments and disagreements between city council, Calgary’s 2026 winter Olympic bid may be on its last legs.

City Council agreed Tuesday that a vote on whether to continue the bid will be necessary in order to move forward.

The bid has been a hot topic in Calgary, as city council has argued for months on whether to actually pursue the bid.

One of the key issues raised is the cost of the Olympics, which is expected to be billions,  including upgrades to current sports facilities and building new ones.

However, the main topic of concern at this meeting was not the money, but rather concerns about transparency and lack of communication with the public over the bid.

Councillor George Chahal made his opinion clear saying “If the public doesn’t have the information, how can you make a decision?”

“If the public doesnt know and doesn’t have the information, how can you make a decision?”

Another major concern is the creation of a subcommittee tasked with public outreach over the bid that currently has no members of the public on it.

While several oppose the planned committee, there are some councilors who think its a vital and important part of the bid, including councilor George Chahal who says “The whole point of going to a Bidco is so we have the independent oversight with all partners involved in making a decision.”

Councilor Sean Chu also showed his support for the committee saying “A lot of the public ask the same question is that many of you on the subcommittee are.”

“A lot of the public ask the same question is that many of you on the subcomitte are.”

The lack of communication, financial security, and solidarity between council are huge threats for the bid, and while some Calgarians are hopeful that a solution to these problems can be found, many council members are convinced that once the vote is counted on Monday the Olympic dream in Calgary will be over.

-Ryan O’Donnell


Calgary 2026 Olympic bid hangs in the balance

Olympic Torch

The potential 2026 Winter Olympic bid for Calgary remains in contention amongst city council.

City council agreed Tuesday morning, that a vote is needed to determine if any further pursuit in a bid is warranted.

“We should be concerned with the level of transparency”

A 2026 Olympics could mean funding for new sports facilities and upgrades for old ones, such as the Olympic Oval or Canada Olympic Park.

There are some councillors like George Chahal, that have expressed concern about an absence in transparency that comes with the city’s Olympic project.

“Well, I think we should be concerned with the level of transparency because if the public doesn’t know and doesn’t have the information… how can you make a decision?”

Transparency is not the only dividing concern, as the task to fill a subcommittee with members of the public who may benefit from the Games, left Sean Chu, city councilor, suggesting that citizens on this committee are “cheerleaders” in favour of a bid.

Chahal believes that the subcommittee “add[s] some additional oversight”, but says that the point of a subcommittee is to be involved with every relevant party, when making a decision on 2026.

-Max Sturley

Is Calgary’s Olympic Bid on thin ice?

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The prospect of another Olympics in Calgary is exiting to many people, and the 88′ Olympics in Calgary were the last Olympics to make a profit. So the decision on whether or not to bid for the 2026 Winter Olympics should an easy one, right? Not for city council.

A council subcommittee has decided that a vote is needed to determine whether or not to continue Calgary’s Olympic Bid proses. But this subcommittee is raising questions of its own, and many councilors are concerned about the lack of transparency within the committee.

“Well, I think we should be very concerned with the level of transparency”

George Chahal, Ward 5 Councilor, expressed how he was “concerned with the level of transparency” from the subcommittee. He also continued on saying “If the public doesn’t know and have the information, which I was advocating for, how can you make a decision”

But Chahal is not opposed to a subcommittee, saying “I think it’s important to have a subcommittee” continuing on saying “the whole point of going to a bidco is so we have that independent oversight with all partners involved in the decision.”

Sean Chu, Ward 4, said that he heard many people calling  the subcommittee “cheerleader” for the Olympic bid.

The vote is expected to come soon, and then we’ll know if the bid is dead, or will gain a second life.

Jordan Bay, April 17th, 2018




Calgary is officially interest in 2026 Olympics


Calgary is officially interested in hosting the 2026 Olympic Winter Games.

It’s been a long journey of debating on whether or not Calgary should consider bidding on the 2026 due to financial issues the city has suffered.

But many believe that this will help bring in more tourism and make more jobs for Calgarian’s.

The International Olympic Committee announced seven cities that will be in the running.

“This is obviously very exciting…”

“We are immensely satisfied that seven national Olympic committees have decided to enter into the dialogue stage. This is obviously very exciting, not only because of the interest, but because we’ll have the opportunity in the next few weeks and few months to work together,” said Christophe Dubi, executive director, International Olympic Committee.

Each city, will be invited to bid in October, followed by an official bid that must be made by January.

Finally the official decision of which city will be hosting the games, will be made in September 2019.

– Vanessa Arrate