Massage therapist sentenced to 4 years in jail

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A Calgary massage therapist who pleaded guilty to sexual assault against clients has been sentenced to four years in jail.

Brad McLellan was first charged in 2015 after a client told police she’d been assaulted during an appointment.

McLellan pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting six women.

The events happened during McLellan’s employment at ProActive Health Group Clinic and Centennial Wellness Clinic.

Vincent Lavoie


Former elementary school teacher faces charges in connection with child pornography

30 months behind bars is what former elementary school teacher Mark Anderson is facing after being charged with possession of child pornography.

“He is remorseful, unhappy with his previous behaviors.”

Defence lawyer James Rouleau said about his client Anderson.

Anderson was arrested in January 2018 with possession of the child pornography dating all the way back to 2010. It has been stated as well that Anderson will receive counseling for this issue.

Nathan Anderson

Teacher behind bars for child pornography

A elementary school teacher in Brocket, AB has been sentenced 2 1/2 years in jail for possessing and making child pornography with children ranging from 3-16 years old.

Mark Anderson was sentenced Monday, January 21st in Lethbridge; a year later after being arrested in January 2018. He was found to have multiples of the same photos and videos across his electronic devices throughout his home and classroom after they were seized by police.

“My client is remorseful, receiving counseling and is unhappy with his previous behaviour.” -Anderson’s Lawyer

A judge sentenced him to 30 months in Bowden jail. Anderson did not make a statement, but his lawyer said that his client is remorseful, receiving counseling and is unhappy with his previous behaviour. Anderson did say in a previous statement that he couldn’t remember a time when he was not attracted to children although.

The court ruled Anderson is not able to use the internet without unsupervised access after he serves his sentence and is released. It will be during his ten year probation that he cannot use the internet for social media sites that have peer-to-peer capabilities. He will still be able to use one cellphone and one computer during his probation.

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