Man survives falling into glacial fissure… Twice


A Calgary man is lucky to be alive after falling into a more than 30-metre fall into a glacier crevasse in the Columbia Icefield area in Jasper National Park.

Parks Canada says the 24-year-old was snowshoeing with a friend at the Athabasca Glacier on Sunday. The man slipped and fell into a deep hole in the ice and was knocked unconscious.

As his friend went to find help, the man managed to wake up and climb out of the fissure using crampons, only to fall into another crevasse up to his armpits.

On his way down the glacier he met the responding rescue team but refused any kind of assistance.

Officials say that the pair did not have any safety ropes, harnesses or climbing equipment, and very limited experience in mountain travel.

Parks Canada is reminding all adventures to be cautious when exploring and to avoid  glaciated terrain unless everybody in the group has proper training and equipment.


-Kyle Hutton