Justin Trudeau picks sides over construction of Trans-mountain pipeline

Oil Pipeline
The construction of the Kinder-Morgan pipeline has led to a stale-mate between British Columbia and Alberta, with both parties not willing to budge.
The Prime Minister sat down with Premier Rachel Notley and John Horgan in hopes of reaching a deal, but they quickly hit an impass. However, Justin Trudeau and Notley seem to be on the same page.
“We are going to get the pipeline built” Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada
Trudeau made it clear that Ottawa would support the project financially and the government is also looking at legislative options to ensure that the pipeline gets built.
– Husham Tahir

Provincial Premiers put problem’s in the past

agreement Conflict over Saskatchewan attempts to ban Alberta licence plates from its government work sites has been put to a stop.

But the tension between the provincial leaders, is still high lately.

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley and Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe are planning to address the issues at hand in order to move on.

It’s expected that the two will share some differences, but Moe feels it’ll be okay and is looking forward to the discussion with Notley.

– Vanessa Arrate