Dawson – Practicum: Week 4 (Finale)

This wasn’t just my last week of practicum, but it was my last week of classes at SAIT. I was asked to make a news pack for my supervisor that also made it into the final show–and I had to put it all together in an hour because it wasn’t really up to snuff the first time around. I was actually proud of the result for the first time since the start of the quarantine.

We had our last Newsfile class watch, and it ended somewhat somber. I still had to finish my demo website so I couldn’t stick around for a lot of it either.

There were a lot of tears from what I was still there to see. James ended the last show in such an eloquent nice way too–which somewhat added to the sting. It was difficult not being able to really engage with the class as we watched and talked.

But it’s not all about feeling bad. I think everyone shared the same feeling of accomplishment coming out of a semester that had some added challenge tacked on–especially the instructors who deserve some props for getting things together for the students on such short notice. It wasn’t easy to get everything done, and with the helpline not being helpful or online frequently (I know they have a lot of people to help) it was made pretty difficult to get things together at times. I was extremely anxious going into my last few assignments until someone at the Adobe help desk was able to set me up with a loophole for getting creative cloud back.

It’s rough looking back on pre-quarantine because in many ways it felt like I wasn’t grateful for how much more facility we had over what we could do, how and when. I remember just before the quarantine started some of us spoke about how it felt like something disastrous was coming up–like how the air gets thicker before a storm. It hasn’t been a disaster, but it’s been hard. Knowing that we may not get a chance to be a relatively full class together again will be hard too. Now it’s over, and it’s been a few days of listless, zero-activity days. I go on walks when I can, and get fresh air, talk to people online or over the phone, but something about it is so much more confining–even though it’s all what I’d likely be doing right now anyway.

This is my last “assignment” for the class, and I was putting it off a bit because I don’t know if I’m alright with it all being truly “over”, you know? But it is.

It’s been fun, but nothing fun is permanent. Thanks RTBN, I’d do it all again in a heartbeat (that is not a request to fail me please don’t do that).

The Black Boxes on the Iran Plane Crash

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Canada is calling for Iran to show respect for the families wishes of those who died on board the Ukrainian passenger Jet that was shot down on January 7th 2020. On the other hand, Canada is working closely with its allies and urging Iran to release the black boxes from the passenger jet. The black boxes contain crucial flight data and if Iran released them, the boxes would be sent to another country for the information to be downloaded. Justin Trudeau has recommended that Iran should send the black boxes to France where the flight data would then be downloaded.

By Aela Herbert

RCMP Found Not Guilty After Rollover Kills Teenager

In August of 2018 a roll over of a vehicle killed a teenager passenger. An investigation took place to see if Calgary Police were responsible for the roll over. The investigation finished with the RCMP found not guilty.

‚ÄúPolice officers are lawfully entitled to pursue fleeing suspects. That said, criminal flight from police creates an inherently dangerous situation for police, the occupants of the fleeing vehicle, and the general public.”

Alberta Serious Incident Response Team

Officers in Sherwood Park, Alberta were in the process of trying to pull over a GMC Yukon that was believed to be have stolen.

The driver of the SUV sped away and over a grass boulevard and through trees with the RCMP in pursuit of the vehicle.

“The decision to pursue a feeing vehicle must be made carefully, and with constant assessment and reassessment of the danger involved. Such considerations were taken into account in this case.”

Alberta Serious Incident Response Team

ASIRT said its investigation confirms that the Police Officers ended the chase and pulled over to the side of the road before the suspects vehicle rolled at a freeway off ramp killing the teen passenger.

By: Declan Zaharia