The Raptors take game two heading back to Washington


The Wizards should be worried about making it to the next round, their defense sucks and a red hot Toronto offense doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Starting shooting guard, Demar Derozan racked up 37 points against the Wizards in game 2 while CJ Miles came off the bench contributing 18 points and a couple rebounds to his name.

With the series headed back to Washington, the Wizards are down 2 games and need to makeup ground before the series is out of their control. The Wizards are dead last in defensive rating and all-star shooting guard Bradley Beal is no where to be found, scoring only 9 points in 30 minutes.

-Itiel Monroy




2026 Olympics: to bid or not to bid

calgary skyline

The battle over the Olympic bid has been ongoing for the past few month. Calgary’s City Councillors are struggling to see eye to eye on the issue, but an agreement was made to vote on Tuesday about whether to continue further investment or not took place.

Some Councillor brought the raising concern that Calgarian’s are being left in the dark and aren’t aware of all of the missteps and the absence of neutrality on the city’s Olympic project team.

Another concern was the city’s choice to have a subcommittee tasked with public outreach with those who would benefit from having the Olympics come back to Calgary.

“We should be concerned with the level of transparency” 

Calgary Ward 5 Councillor George Chaha, is advocating for the what the may not public know “Well I think we should be concerned with the level of transparency because if the public doesn’t know and doesn’t have the information, which I was advocating for, how can you make a decision?”

But some councillors found the subcommittee to be a more impactful way to connect with the public.

“A lot of public ask the same question”

Calgary Ward 4 Councillor Sean Chu had a different take on the issue saying “Well as you heard yesterday and you saw, a lot of public ask the same question is that many of you on the subcommittee are ‘cheerleader’ as I heard on the council floor of Olympic.”

There is a clear issue in regards to transparency but with the some councillors members already seeing the bid as dead, it makes it difficult to believe Calgary will be partying like 1988 and hosting the 2026 Winter Olympics.

-Vanessa Arrate


Alberta to receive $3.3B in federal infrastructure funding

The federal government will commit $3.3B to fund infrastructure projects across Alberta over the next ten years.
Federal Infrastructure Minister Amarjeet Sohi says investments in infrastructure are key to creating jobs for the middle class and strengthening our economy.
The money will go towards public transit, green infrastructure, recreation and community projects.
The bulk of the money will go to Edmonton and Calgary.
-Mandy Vocke

Calgary is officially interest in 2026 Olympics


Calgary is officially interested in hosting the 2026 Olympic Winter Games.

It’s been a long journey of debating on whether or not Calgary should consider bidding on the 2026 due to financial issues the city has suffered.

But many believe that this will help bring in more tourism and make more jobs for Calgarian’s.

The International Olympic Committee announced seven cities that will be in the running.

“This is obviously very exciting…”

“We are immensely satisfied that seven national Olympic committees have decided to enter into the dialogue stage. This is obviously very exciting, not only because of the interest, but because we’ll have the opportunity in the next few weeks and few months to work together,” said Christophe Dubi, executive director, International Olympic Committee.

Each city, will be invited to bid in October, followed by an official bid that must be made by January.

Finally the official decision of which city will be hosting the games, will be made in September 2019.

– Vanessa Arrate

Blue Jays get ready to take flight against the Yankees on opening day

Blue Jays logoGet your gloves ready because baseball season is here!

The Toronto Blue Jays will be looking to get back into the playoff picture this year after falling short last season.

The Jays will kick off their season against their heaving hitting division rivals the New York Yankees . The game will be on March 29th at Rogers Centre in Toronto.

It will be a different looking team this year without long time fan favorite Jose Bautista leaving the team after playing for the Blue Jays for the past 9 seasons.

-Andrea Ferrari

DeRozan doesn’t let depression dunk on him

Raptors logo

Toronto Raptor DeMar DeRozan, addressed his depression in a tweet in February saying “This depression get the best of me.”

Normally reserved, DeRozan is shocked to see the amount of support he’s been getting since then.

DeRozan hoped up more to the NBA about his struggles and his words spoke to them.

“I understand it’s hard to step up and do a thing like that.” – DeMar DeRozan

“I understand it’s hard to step up and do a thing like that. If I had to be the sacrificial lamb to open up that gate and make everybody else feel comfortable and share their story and help the next person, that’s what it’s all about.” Said DeRozan after other NBA players started coming forward.

Cleveland Cavalier Kevin Love came forward about his anxiety, saying he never expected someone like DeRozan (who inspires him) would deal with similar struggles.

Now DeRozan and Love are more than happy to look out for each other when times get tough.

Vanessa Arrate

Two Alberta women deny dancing dirty in Cambodia


Two Alberta women landed back in Canada after being jailed in Cambodia for what was called “pornographic dancing.” The two women deny all charges against them.

After a picture of an outdoor pool was uploaded by 19 Eden Kazoleas on to Facebook, she and 29 year old Jessica Drolet were both arrested among eight other people.

“It was terrifying, honestly”

Kazoleas said what made the experience so scary was neither of the women spoke the native language. 90 people were detained and it’s unclear why only 10 people were taken into custody. Their lawyer Frances Tibollo, said Kazoleas and Drolet didn’t appear to be in the photo.

The women aren’t happy about how they were portrayed in the media. Now the two are just glad to be back on Canadian soil. Drolet advises that if you’re going to be traveling, be aware of culture and do your research.

Vanessa Arrate