Alberta becoming a hot-spot for technology

CEO of TECTERRA, Jonathan Neufeld, speaks at the Accelerate-AB tech conference at the Telus Convention Centre in Calgary

Alberta is becoming a tech hot-spot in Canada, and that is becoming more evident after the Accelerate-AB tech conference was showcased in Calgary.

The Telus Convention Centre was host to people from around Canada for the two day event focused on sharing new ideas and information about technology, as well as being a platform for people to network.

” I do think tech can be a hot spot in Alberta, I think it already is. I just don’t think the story is out there yet frankly.”

Attendee Mackenzie Bedford, community engagement manager for Rainforest Alberta, believes the event was event was a perfect showcase for people to see how Alberta is becoming more technologically driven. ” I do think tech can be a hot spot in Alberta, I think it already is. I just don’t think the story is out there yet frankly.” said Bedford after she was asked about the growing tech scene in Alberta.

Next year’s conference will be held in Edmonton, as it rotates from city to city each year. With an increase in attendees and funding compared to last year, it’s safe to say that next years conference will only get bigger and better.

Much like the growing tech scene in Alberta.

-Logan Stein


NHL playoffs set to begin

IMG_9752The NHL season has wrapped up, and the playoffs are set to begin Wednesday night.

16 teams are vying to hoist Lord Stanley’s Cup, and ten of those teams start Wednesday.

Playoff hockey kicks off when the Columbus Blue Jackets head to Tampa Bay to take on the Lightning. The Lightning are the favorites to win the cup this year, and finished the season with an impressive record of 62-16-4.

Other action on Wednesday will see the New York Islanders host the Pittsburgh Penguins, The Winnipeg Jets hosting the St. Louis Blues, the Nashville Predators hosting the Dallas Stars, and the Las Vegas Golden Knights will Travel to San Jose to play the Shark.

“The (Tampa Bay) Lightning are favorites to win the cup this year”

Our hometown Calgary Flames won’t be in action until Thursday, when the Colorado Avalanche come to town. Playoff fever is already starting to take hold in Calgary, as more and more people are starting to don the flaming “C”. The Flames will be hosting viewing parties for all home games in the parking lot of the Scotiabank Saddledome. Entry is free, and members of the C of Red of all ages are welcomed to attend.

-Darin Bain

Calgarian man acquitted from second-degree murder charges


Calgarian Fuad Ali was proven not guilty in the death of Mustafe Hussein.

Hussein and Ali were both homeless at the time that Hussein was attacked.

44 year old Hussein was stomped into a coma in 2015. He was in a coma for a month, before he was taken off life support.

Nearly four years later,  Ali has been acquitted of the crime.

Ali had presumed his innocence the whole time, denying that he was the man that was in the video surveillance footage of the attack.

Justice Keith Yamauchi ruled that that the surveillance footage, as well as the identification poster that was used by the police, were not able to resemble the suspect to Ali.

“I don’t think he will appreciate all of it until he’s released from remand.”

Defence lawyer, Adriano Lovinelli, said “I don’t think he will appreciate all of it until he’s released from remand.” when he spoke of Ali finally being a free man. Lovinelli also said that an acquittal like this is very rare, especially considering how long Ali had been in remand.

-Logan Stein

Former Calgary teacher charged with sex crimes

Justice Scale


Christian Sarile, a former Calgary teacher, pleaded guilty to accounts of child pornography. His actions date back to a series of acts committed in eight years.

A police investigation reveals Sarile’s actions. Sarile would target underage girls as young as 12- years old.  He would try to aim at girls who were dealing with difficult situations or were in an emotionally toxic environment.

 “Sarile would threaten the girls he would post their nude photos on social media websites and send the pictures to his friends.”

Sarile would take advantages of the girls’ circumstances and use his power to manipulate and threaten the girls. Sarile would take photos of girls in sexually explicit ways, asking for nudes. He would bribe the girls with money to have nude photos.

Sarile would threaten the girls he would post their nude photos on social media websites and send the pictures to his friends.

With some of the girls, Sarile would have sexual intercourse with them or have the girls do sexually suggestive actions.

Sarile admits to 17 charges of sexual abuse.

He is due for a sentencing hearing later this year.

-Zack Demello

Canadian Women’s Hockey League folding due to financial problems

oznorThe board of directors of the CWHL announced that as of May 1st, 2019 the CWHL will be no more. Last week 175,000 fans tuned in to watch the 12th edition of the Clarkson Cup which became the new record for most viewership for one of their games.

The CWHL doesn’t have the mandatory funding to support the continuation of the league as Venture Capital firm Roustan Capital their primary source of financing pulled out.

“Unfortunately, while the on-ice hockey is exceptional, the business model has proven to be economically unsustainable,”

The CWHL started in 2007 with 6 teams in the league spreading across Canada and attracting many top female players over the country. The league operated on a budget of just $3.7 million in 2017-2018.

Many fans took to twitter and vented their opinions saying things like “It’s a great sport to watch” and they are sad to see it go. “The folding of the League is a travesty for the players and fans” and “The league inspired future generations for hockey players”.

Pundits say that the ideal outcome would be for the Women’s Hockey in North America to unite with the NHL and provide infrastructure and marketing.

-Raynaldo Suarez

Rachel Notley announces provincial election

rachel notley
(photography by Chris Schwarz/Government of Alberta)

Rachel Notley will look to continue her position as Alberta’s premier as she called a provincial election for April 16th.

Notley made the announcement at the National Music Centre Tuesday morning. With the election being a little more than three weeks away, Notley wasted no time speaking of controversies involving Jason Kenney and the United Conservative Party.

“I do believe as a party the UCP has a problem with racism. . . Mr. Kenney wants an Alberta divided over people’s rights.”

Notley spoke about the recent controversy regarding UCP candidate Caylan Ford. Notley went on to say “I do believe as a party the UCP has a problem with racism. . .Mr Kenney wants an Alberta divided over people’s rights.”

The upcoming election will be the first for the UCP and Kenney.

-Logan Stein

Calgary Flames smoke the New York Rangers 5-1


The Calgary Flames were on fire last night earning a 5-1 victory over the New York Rangers.  Matthew Tkachuk got his 31st and 32nd goal. All three of his assists managed to be what put them into the lead and it was his 100th  assist in the NHL.

 “I don’t think of myself as a shooter or a passer, I’m just somebody trying to read the play and make the best play possible.”

Matthew Tkachuk

The American-born professional hockey player is currently an alternate captain for the Flames and was a top-rated prospect who was sixth overall in the 2016 NHL entry draft. Tkachuk was showcasing his smart plays, impressing spectators at the Saddledome. Now the flames move one point ahead of the sharks with 11 games to go. Flames goalie David Rittch made an impressive 24 saves. Next, the Flames will go head to head with the Winnipeg Jets at the Bell MTS place

-Raynaldo Suarez