Alberta senior loses $250K in sweepstakes scam

Southern Alberta authorities are warning people to be aware of scammers after an 81-year-old Lethbridge senior was defrauded of $250,000.

“It’s happening in all areas of our country.”

“It’s important that members in our community are extra vigilant and that they’re aware scamming is happening,” said acting Sgt. Paulo Magliocco. “It’s happening in all areas of our country.”

Local police say they were contacted by the woman’s son after he realized that she had been sending large amounts of money via bank drafts almost weekly since last March.

She received a letter from what appeared to be the Bank of America stating that she had won a large cash prize. It said that in order to receive her winnings, she had to send money to cover taxes and insurance.

They continued to press her for money and personal information for close to 10 months.

-Sean Marks