Alberta vehicle thefts at an all time high


According to the Alberta Motor Association the number of vehicle thefts in Alberta is “staggering.”

Numbers unveiled by stats Canada on Tuesday showed that Alberta is leading the country in vehicle thefts with twenty three thousand vehicles stolen every year.

In January of this year one quarter of the vehicles stolen had their keys in the ignition.

AMA representatives said “More needs to… and can be done to prevent these crimes.”

Anyone with any stories or ideas on how to prevent these crimes are encouraged to share them on social media using the hashtag #Lockitorloseit.

-Tanner Strauss


Two Alberta women deny dancing dirty in Cambodia


Two Alberta women landed back in Canada after being jailed in Cambodia for what was called “pornographic dancing.” The two women deny all charges against them.

After a picture of an outdoor pool was uploaded by 19 Eden Kazoleas on to Facebook, she and 29 year old Jessica Drolet were both arrested among eight other people.

“It was terrifying, honestly”

Kazoleas said what made the experience so scary was neither of the women spoke the native language. 90 people were detained and it’s unclear why only 10 people were taken into custody. Their lawyer Frances Tibollo, said Kazoleas and Drolet didn’t appear to be in the photo.

The women aren’t happy about how they were portrayed in the media. Now the two are just glad to be back on Canadian soil. Drolet advises that if you’re going to be traveling, be aware of culture and do your research.

Vanessa Arrate