Kyle’s second week at CITY TV

Wow what a week. It’s been crazy busy but also super fun. On Monday I was helping shoot the story about the bunny rescue, so much cute B-Roll all the little baby bunnies, but when we got there the mother rabbit started spotting blood because it recently had surgery for a prolapsed uterus (eek) and had to get taken to the vet so our interview was cut short, but we still got the story. Then I helped Jon Muma the national reporter do his story on the topless winter running and it was a great time, he’s pretty brave to run around topless in -20 on camera I must say.

The next day I helped shoot another story for Jon about the snow angel in a wheel chair. This really awesome guy Dan Wilkinson only has one leg and managed to rig up his wheelchair to support a snow blower. He goes around and cleans up the sidewalks around the block, he was super genuine and very humble about it. the story got a lot of attention too. Then later I helped Crystal do a story on vaping which was awesome, I’ve worked at a vape shop for before and I had tons of background knowledge to help crystal get a good story out of it. She is a smoker and doesn’t vape so she really didn’t know a lot about it, so it worked out well.

Then later that did a did casting on Calgary Esport League, that was a really exciting and awesome opportunity, mainly did color but tried out some play by play on the games I knew well. Was definitely a leg up in my career for sure.

On Wednesday I was with Jon again helping Jon with his story about people who have dealt with love scams. Getting stiffed with the bill on a date, or someone taking your money and running. So I helped with some streeters. After I hung out the station and learned some editing techniques and how to use their programs better. Throughout the week I was also pitching stories and helping the web guys with ideas as well.

Thursday was exciting, Whitney said my shooting has been really good so they sent to cover a scrum with the Councillors in response to Chu’s comments about addiction. Unfortunately the had cancelled that meeting so I had to turn around a get back to the station but then they sent to get footage at the zoo of the Valentines day celebrations. so that was awesome, so many happy primates. I got there late so I didn’t get all the animals but I got an overload of Gorilla footage. Then I went along Stephen Ave to do location scouting for the live stand up. I was checking out all the glow fest stuff it was actually pretty cool.

Then Friday was a bit of a easy day, I was helping Kristen to a story about Aboriginal people being neglected by cit transit. We spoke to a Native gentleman who called a help button to report a unconscious women on the C-Train but their first response was “is she aboriginal?” needless to say he was very offended and gave them a piece of his mind. We shot the interview while riding the C-Train with the guy and used Iphones and these fancy gadgets called an Osmo, a Gyroscope, self balancing cell phone filming device, to get the story and it looked pretty cool.

Then Saturday was a the big NHL 19 tournament hosted by CEL and the Calgary Flames, that was awesome, Ryan and Chris did a get job with commentary. Just one more unique thing to add to my resume. I was only a Ref  and it was a loooong 10 hour shift but at least I finally got paid for something.


-Kyle Hutton