Professional lacrosse thriving in Calgary

The Calgary Roughnecks have been working hard to boost fan involvement this season by putting on special events like Friday night’s super hero themed game.

“We’re going to play extra hard especially being at the Dome.”

Calgary has not won a championship title since 2009 but, when it comes to attendance, the club is a sterling example of stability in an inconsistent league.

The club ranks fourth in NLL attendance numbers bringing in an average crowd of nearly twelve-thousand spectators per game and has had one of the most consistent crowds in the league for over five years.

Fans in the city have proven themselves as devoted supporters of Calgary’s team and have formed such a knowledgeable fan base that the players have started to take notice.

“It’s not just the goals, these fans understand the little things that it takes and we appreciate that and we notice that so I think it really does help the guys push themselves a little bit more just to show that we’re going to play extra hard especially being at the Dome.” said Curt Malawsky, Roughnecks Head Coach

Calgary’s final regular season game is set for Saturday, April 20th at the Saddledome.

Austin Lee


39th Annual Calgary International Auto and Truck Show


It was a successful turn out for Calgary’s 39th annual International Auto and Truck show. The attraction brought in over 83,000 viewers who were interested in what the show had to offer.

The event had a wide variety of pickup trucks, energy efficient cars, SUV’s, crossovers and sports cars.  Ford and Toyota displayed some of their newest trucks, all ranging in different sizes colours and models.

“Everyone is driving trucks, from younger to older, male, female. “

Mitsubishi General Manager Shawn Kisling was one of the many representatives at the event. “Everyone is driving trucks, from younger to older, male, female.” Kisling said. Trucks are a versatile vehicle, used for work, towing trailers, boats, and other cars.

In North America 70 percent of vehicles owned are pickup trucks and SUV’s. More and more families around Canada are switching to them. Trucks today are safer, more comfortable and have added room.

-Kierra Lentz




Alberta becoming a hot-spot for technology

CEO of TECTERRA, Jonathan Neufeld, speaks at the Accelerate-AB tech conference at the Telus Convention Centre in Calgary

Alberta is becoming a tech hot-spot in Canada, and that is becoming more evident after the Accelerate-AB tech conference was showcased in Calgary.

The Telus Convention Centre was host to people from around Canada for the two day event focused on sharing new ideas and information about technology, as well as being a platform for people to network.

” I do think tech can be a hot spot in Alberta, I think it already is. I just don’t think the story is out there yet frankly.”

Attendee Mackenzie Bedford, community engagement manager for Rainforest Alberta, believes the event was event was a perfect showcase for people to see how Alberta is becoming more technologically driven. ” I do think tech can be a hot spot in Alberta, I think it already is. I just don’t think the story is out there yet frankly.” said Bedford after she was asked about the growing tech scene in Alberta.

Next year’s conference will be held in Edmonton, as it rotates from city to city each year. With an increase in attendees and funding compared to last year, it’s safe to say that next years conference will only get bigger and better.

Much like the growing tech scene in Alberta.

-Logan Stein

Calgary Car and Truck Show brings in new age technology

car show pic

Calgary held it’s 39th annual Car and Truck Show in BMO centre where some of the latest technology in vehicles were showcased.

With this event bringing in more than 83,000 visitors it was a great chance for people to see what different car manufacturers are working on.

Many new cars were laid out for people to observe but there were other booths that showed more than just cars.

One booth in particular was meant to be used by new drivers to teach them the ways of the road using virtual reality, this showed them not only how to control the vehicle on the inside but also makes them more comfortable sitting in a vehicle before even driving one.

New age technology is making it easier to come up with new techniques to help people drive and be more aware of the road are continuously coming out.

“Technology is growing more and more everyday and people are asking for more…”

Some booths at the event think people should focus more on gas mileage in a vehicle and not the technology inside, so how important is it to have up to date technology in new vehicles?

Multiple studies recently came out showing that when customers are looking to buy a new car the technology that comes with it is what they seek the most.

“Technology is growing more and more everyday and people are asking for more… some vehicles even have WiFi in them so Bluetooth was just a starter.” said Shawn Kisling the general manager at Mitsubishi.

With Bluetooth being in almost all new vehicles companies are trying to push the same with different in vehicle controls such as WiFi, GPS, and now even Auto-Pilot.

Auto-Pilot has been discussed a lot through car manufacturers and it is finally starting to surface, certain certified people are currently allowed to drive such vehicles but soon they say it will be available to all drivers in all vehicles. This is still a work in progress but different Car companies are racing to be the first ones to make it public.

One motivation for keeping up to date with technology in vehicles is for peoples safety. Manufacturers think these new methods can do a lot of the dirty work when it comes to driving so people can be more aware of the road.

Companies are continuously keeping up to date with modern day technology to make it more appealing for customers, as well as make the roads easier and safer to drive on.

– Nathan Anderson



Flames advance to playoffs and snag the Western Conference title

For the first time since the 2005-06 season, the Calgary Flames have secured the Western Conference title. The Flames have had an amazing regular season with a 49-23-7 record. After their 5-3 win against the San Jose Sharks the Flames are now on their quest for the Stanley Cup.

“To get where we are with these guys says a lot about this group and the resiliency of this group.”

Since the Flames clinched the top title in their division winning in San Jose they will have the home advantage for the first three rounds towards their Stanley Cup pursuit. The Flames came out on fire in the first period with three goals within a 75 second span against the Sharks. Flames Goaltender Mike Smith says “to get where we are with these guys says a lot about this group and the resiliency of this group” after his 12 saves in the game. Their perch atop the Western Conference translates that the team has the skills it takes to win the Stanley Cup this year if they keep it up on the ice.

-Erika Rolling

Johnny Gaudreau powers Flames past Devils 9-4

Johnny Gaudreau had three goals and three assists to earn a career high six points on Tuesday night. The Calgary Flames scored six times in the third period to give them a 9-4 win over the New Jersey Devils.

“Just give him the puck”

Gaudreau entered the night with only one goal in his last 19 games. He became the first Flames player to accomplish the feat since Al MacInnis on March 20, 1994.

Sean Monahan spoke after the game saying “He (Johnny) was feeling it today. Just give him the puck and he was making plays all over.”

Flames now move on to meet the New York Rangers, who are 7th in the metropolitan division, on Friday at the Scotiabank Saddledome.

Hannah Lepine

Funding for BMO Centre expansion in place

The federal government has pledged $166 million of funding to expand Calgary’s biggest event centre.

Federal Infrastructure Minister Francois-Phillipe Champagne announced the government funding on Tuesday. Champagne says “the expansion will support significant growth for the local economy”.

In addition to the funding from the federal government, The provincial government of Alberta and The City of Calgary will match the $166 million. the Calgary Stampede will also pitch in $3.9 million dollars.

“The expansion will support significant growth for the local economy”

Federal Infrastructure Minister Francois-Phillipe Champagne

In order for the planned expansion to occur, the Stampede Corral, Archie Boyce Theatre, and one hall of the current BMO Centre will have to be demolished. The planned expansion will make the BMO Centre the second largest convention centre in Canada.

-Darin Bain