Burn Baby Burn


By: Jeff Slack

Alberta parks has a plan to have a series of controlled fires in Kananaskis Valley to help manage any future out breaks of wildfires.

The Evan-Thomas 10 year vegetation management strategy is planning to start two controlled burns each year over a 10 year span.

Fall is said to be the best time to do controlled burns because there’s a lack of tourist who flock to the valley.

Alberta forestry and firefights will be on site for the fires that will be in five provincial parks and cover 1500 hectares.

The last wildfire recorded in Kananaskis Valley was in 1936 where it burned most of the area in one afternoon, since then there hasn’t been a fire in the area since.

Energy Efficiency Alberta Helps People Save Money

Power Generating Windmills

By: Chelsea Tomecek

Energy Efficiency Alberta (EEA) is getting ready to launch 3 initial energy efficiency programs for Albertans. The programs are set for early 2017.

EEA will encourage and support energy efficiency and community energy systems for homes, businesses and communities.

A direct install residential program, residential consumer products program, and business, non-profit and institutional rebate program will all take place.

Minister of Environment and Parks, Shannon Phillips says, “Putting a price on carbon pollution allows us to deliver efficiency programs that will help Albertans save energy and save money as we diversify our economy and create good jobs.”


Abducted Calgary Children Found in Ontario (UPDATE)


The six reported missing children in Calgary were found in Bowmanville, Ontario when the Durham Regional Police found the green SUV in a parking lot with the children inside.

The man took the children without the mother’s consent and while she was away. Evidence have showed that the children were not in danger and the man was taking care of them.

The children will be transported back to Alberta with the assistance of Missing Children Society of Canada with the partnership of WestJet.

The man is under investigation and he is not the children’s legal guardian and will be transported to Alberta next week.

In order to protect the children’s identity. The name of the man will remain anonymous for the moment.


Ivan Ivanoff


Donald Trump’s star at the Walk of Fame is going to be replaced after it was destroyed.

Dressed as a city worker, James Otis, set up some cones and signs around Donald Trump’s star at the Walk of Fame. Otis began destroying it with a hammer and with a pickax.

Los Angeles police are investigating the man and was under arrest for vandalism.

Lero Gubler, Hollywood Chamber of Commerce President says repairing Trump’s star will take several days, in the meantime they will cover it up.


Ivan Ivanoff

Abducted Calgary Children Found in Ontario


By: Chelsea Tomecek

Calgary Police received a report on Monday, October 24th, from a woman who believed her common law partner had fled the province with her six children.

The kids weren’t believed to be in danger, and the case didn’t meet Amber Alert criteria.

The children were located just outside Toronto in good condition.

Charges are pending on their father. The children have since been brought somewhere safe until the Domestic Conflict Unit coordinates their return.


Trans-Canada highway near Field, B.C. closed after a rock slide.


(Photo courtesy of Parks Canada)

On Monday, two workers were working at the rock-scaling site, 16 kilometers west of Field, B.C. drilling holes to place explosives when rocks started to crash down.

The workers were transported to the hospital with no life threatening conditions.

The highway is closed in both directions since then but it is expected to re-open one section of the road on Thursday.

Officials at Parks Canada says around 10,000 cubic meters of rock fell in the slide.

It could be months before the highway will get back to normal. The damage may not be fully repaired until spring.

For drivers, going to B.C. there is a detour in effect on Highway 93 South to Radium Hot Springs, then head north on Highway 95 to Golden to rejoin the Trans-Canada Highway west of the closure.

The detour might take an hour and a half.


Ivan Ivanoff


State memorial for former Premier Jim Prentice to be held this Friday.


By Cassandra Stefanic.

A state memorial for former Alberta premier Jim Prentice will be held this Friday.

Prentice, 60, was in among four people who passed away in a plane crash on October 13th.

The plane disappeared from radar shortly after takeoff from an airport in Kelowna.

The memorial will be held at the jubilee auditorium, Friday October 28th at 11 am.

Tickets to the public will be distributed beginning at 9:45 at the north entrance of the jubilee.