Winter weather shackles Calgary yet again

Calgary’s beautiful break from the cold weather has come to a very abrupt end.
Environment Canada has issued a snowfall warning for Calgary and says we can expect up to 15 centimeters of snow to fall from Thursday to Friday.
It wont just be snow pummeling Calgary, as a freezing rain warning is also in effect and is expected to last till late Thursday Morning.
Roads are expected to be treacherous Thursday and into the weekend, and another 10 centimeters of snow is expected to fall on saturday.
This month has seen above average snowfall in Calgary, as we are only 4 centimeters away from hitting the monthly average for march.
-Ryan O’Donnell





New device can detect infections in humans and any animal species


University of Calgary Professor Jeroen De Buck and PhD student Marija Drikic, have created a tool that uses an engineered enzyme to convert infections signals into glucose.
The glucose can then be tested for a wide variety of chronic and infectious diseases.
The new method tests for specific antibodies found in saliva, milk or blood samples.
¬†“It is kind of universal in how the enzyme is activated by those antibodies or proteins in the blood.” – Jeroen De Buck
All living things produce antibodies in response to illness, this device allows us to detect symptoms early and reach a diagnosis within 30 minutes.
– Husham Tahir


Flames keep playoff hopes alive in battle of Alberta

Flames logo

After two consecutive upsets, the Calgary Flames headed into the battle of Alberta desperate for a win.

Coach Glen Gulutzan showed his disappointment with the team in a profanity fueled rant at practice the day before the game.

The Flames came out looking ready to play their hearts out, and after a hard fought battle, they managed to grab the big “W” against their division rivals.

Mike Smith was perfect, stopping all of the 28 shots he faced in his second game back after a lengthy break.

Now the Flames need to win the majority of their 12 remaining games to have any hopes of clawing their way into the playoffs.

-Danny Seymour


Calgary city council ditches impractical secondary suite application

New Homebuilding Fell 24 Percent In 2007, Largest Decline In 17 Years

Calgary’s city council has voted in favour of adopting a plan to revise the application process for secondary suites.

With the new reform homeowners will be able to obtain permits for their basement suites through the planning department rather than appearing in front of council to gain approval.

Almost a hundred people spoke to council on Monday to have their say on the topic.

This vote to reform comes after years of debate on the issue. The push for change came last year when council instructed administration to create a plan to update land use bylaws and permit processes.

— Louise van Dam Continue reading


Melting snow is causing all sorts of problems for residents in Calgary


As Calgary starts to heat up the snow starts to melt, and the leftover water has become quite the hazard for many residents.

The City of Calgary has already received over 1,100 service calls in relation to water building up on many streets.

A large amount of storm drains have been clogged as a result of the melting snow, and this is leading to large puddles of water on streets and sidewalks in residential areas.

One major concern for the city right now is the potential of water freezing over storm drains with another snow fall set to approach.

City officials have urged Calgarians in the event of a storm drain freezing over to not chip away at the ice yourself, to prevent damage. Instead call the City of Calgary at 311.

– Jordan Bay




Red hot Raptors burn ninth team in a row

Basketball 02The Toronto Raptors have carried on there winning ways, with a impressing win over the New York Knicks.

Jonas Valencuines  lead the red hot raptors with a 17 point night, all star Kyle Lowry chipped in with 16 as the Raps went on to win 136-106.

Toronto carried there momentum from there impressive win over the NBA leading Houston Rockets, on infamous Drake night at the Air Canada center, and will be hoping to do the same as they look for there 10th consecutive win against Brooklyn on Tuesday.


How to predict lightning and prevent wild fires, a new study from the U of C


Who knew lightning can actually strike the same place twice?

“Those events don’t just randomly happen. They also have a spatial and temporal patterns.”

A study by the researchers at the University of Calgary’s Schulich School of Engineering suggests it’s possible to predict how often and where lightning will strike.

They are using satellite data and artificial intelligence to help predict where lightning poses a greater risk to spark wild fires.

“Those events don’t just randomly happen. They also have spatial and temporal patterns.” Said Dr. Xin Wang one of the three researchers involved in the study. “It also can be used for future predictions about those hazards.”

The study uses historical data from 2010 to 2016 to examine how lightning is affected by a number of factors such as elevation, soil type, surface temperature, land use and vegetation cover.

Lightning-caused wild fires are a growing issue in Western Canada and have been pushing fire resources to their limits.

The researchers believe this study will help government agencies to avoid building pipelines or power lines in high risk areas. As well as allowing them to monitor hot spots and build new fire stations in effective locations.

The team states that statistically the study is more then 90 per cent accurate.


-Kyle Hutton